Studio 10


Peter Berner is filling in all week for Joe who is on holidays.


I’ve actually grown to like Peter, he offers some great opinions and perspectives on topics.


Sarah finished early today, probably for her flight to Melbourne. The show closed with that three panel style (used on Friday) of Ange, KAK and Pete.


and its interesting cause I feel like with Joe we all have this expectation of when a topic is thrown out there we’re waiting for Joe to explain it to us all and we take his word as gospel. Sarah argues with him more now than she used to but its like the word according to Joe most topics and then they end the conversation.


I actually agree, his joe-splaining gets tiresome at times. No doubt he’s obviously very knowledgeable on certain topics, but debate is what makes the show interesting and it feels lacking at the moment sans losing Ita & Jess.


The problem is that the panel all have similar (right wing) views. So it doesn’t end up in a discussion or debate, just panellists rattling off facts from the briefing notes. Whereas, Jess would fiercely debate with Joe, and Ita at times. Today, Sarah tends to do “devil’s advocate” so that there is at least some debate.

As for Joe, I think he has always done this, however, it has been more profound in recent years. When Denise D was asked to offer an opinion she would say “I don’t have one” or " I don’t know what [this] means…" so Joe would explain it. Moreover, without Ita, it is just Joe doing the research into the topics beyond the notes so you notice his Joesplaining more frequently.

I would prefer James Mathieson to fill in for Joe for the reasons mentioned above.


James is good, they should use him more often - especially as a fill in for Joe. I don’t like them on the panel together.


Sarah left at 11.40am


What the hell? What’s the point of going on a show if you have to leave in the middle of it ? Really Sarah your just as bad as Joe rocking up late. Probably with Studio Ten now is you have the hosts treating as some casual retreat . For shame .


Tough I’m saying it it. You can’t censorship people having different objections to certain stuff. If she can’t stay for a full show she then should have rang in and pretended to be sick and then waste everyone’s time and playing musical chairs. It just brings disorganisation and makes the show look cheap.


But the thing is, they want her to do both Studio 10 and The Project. That’s the problem. Studio 10 is way too long.

  1. 11.40 is not the middle of the show.
  2. He missed his alarm it happens.
  3. What evidence do you have that it’s being treated as"some casual retreat"?


So it makes it harder for her to stay a full show. I agree with you completely Jbar.


Sunrise and Todsy show hosts leave early from time to time for various commitments, don’t see anyone jumping up and down in those threads. It’s 20 minutes early, not ideal, but also not that big of a deal either.


…and there’s also the fact that both Sunrise & Today are on the air for 3.5 hours each weekday morning, yet Studio 10 is the show people continuously say runs for too long!


Problem is, the idea of people arriving late or leaving early has become all too common on Studio 10 lately, whilst it hardly happens on Today or Sunrise.


Exactly . I’ve never seen it been done by sunrise or abc news breakfast or today.

Nonetheless i definetly hate how it’s become a common occurrence on Studio Ten. Nonetheless
That’s my opinion just expressing how distracting it has become for the show.


People are just nitpicking just for the sake of nitpicking. Like someone said above…who cares??


So I have entire different view of how I see this it’s my opinion . You can ignore it. I’ve said my peace and I’m not changing I bought got a bit of discussion about it. That’s it nothing more or less.


Thanks, Network 10 publicity.