Studio 10


Jeez that’s pretty ordinary.

No Sandra? Hugh? Lachlan? A senior journalist in the building? Anyone from 10 daily?


Richard Reid is presenting the Showbiz File from Hollywood this morning.
It’s good to see him still being on the show when he is back in America.


Joe arrived at 9.06am…he didn’t set his alarm :alarm_clock: last night.



They should have told Hildebrand to turn around and drive home.

I’m surprised he still uses one of those. :smiley: Most people use their phone or clock radio.


So is Sarah officially on holidays now?


Where is Denise Scott today?


Throw the book at joe if I was late to work I’d have the book thrown at me.
Unprofessional if you ask me.


This week is a perfect example of one of the major issues with the show. It is musical chairs on the panel. 3 different hosts in 3 days. There needs to be some consistency.


We’ve all been late to work, nothing new, this stuff happens


I think the point is that it’s happened a couple of times for Joe recently now.


Maybe they should have just had an empty chair sitting where he was meant to be.


Mark Latham should be asking Hildebrand why he can’t be bothered turning up to work on time.



If they are going to contonue to bump Ange up to host, they really need someone to fill-in for her regularly.

They should have also tried to get KAK to work today instead of Tuesday.


As she has stated she needs to look after her disabled husband, Ten are probably being as accommodating as they can be.


9.06am is hardly late. Now half an hour is late.


36 mins into a 3.5 hour show is a big chunk if you ask me lmao


He was over half an hour late…


Monday -
Sarah Harris is back hosting with Kerri-Anne, Peter Berner,Mark Humphries and Angela on the panel.
Sarah was away sick last week because she hurt her back.