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Fair enough you don’t like a strong opinionated female.
Some could say you are a strong opinionated male with you calling her vile. :roll_eyes:

As @killy06 said she did get a nice round of applause when Sarah mentioned she was guest hosting today.


@Salty I don’t think he likes anyone :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Susie revealed this morning that she was sexually molested as a child she had never spoken about this before on television but it is mentioned in her new book, lots of love for Susie from the co-hosts and the audience.
Sarah mentioned a couple of times that it had been a long time since she had been on the show and everyone was happy she was back, she received a lovely reception from the audience.

Last couple of weeks it’s been good to have some different people on the panel, for many months it was constantly Peter Berner but having Anna Kooiman, Toni Pearen and now Susie Elelman making appearances has been great.

On a lighter note Angela Bishop is heading overseas to interview Movie legend Clint Eastwood for Studio 10.
She has been an entertainment reporter since 1994 and has always wanted to interview him and now she finally gets the opportunity.


Very brave of her to speak about on a national platform. Carlotta did the same a few years ago- when they were doing the OB in Brisbane.

And they are all better than him.


Do you get a little endorphin rush when you call everyone and everything vile or disgusting?


Top and tail Studio 10 with News with Tarsh
8am News
8:30 Studio 10
11:30 News
With the reduction by 30 mins and inclusion of news breaks during the show it shouldn’t drag as much


Should just be 9-11 or 10-12


Agreed. Ever since they extended it to 12pm the show has struggled to maintain it 'edge" or mojo so to speak. It dies down half way through. I reckon by 10.30am everyone’s shit tired. I agree Djohns2740 either start it at 8.30 and let it go to 10.00 (I believe with these types of shows an hour and a half is just the right amount) and then do news at 10.00am and have The Talk and Bold and Beautiful 10.30 to 12.00pm hole.

Cut it down to an hour and a half. :slight_smile:


I also agree the show definitely needs cutting back next year.
I think a Morning News bulletin at 11am would be a good move.
Anyway it’s good news that Tarsh will be a part of the show in 2019.
I loved when she was part of the team on 'The Circle ’ doing news updates, it showed her personality but at the same time she remained professional with the serious news stories.


For a morning bulletin that timing is about 12hrs behind schedule :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I would shed 30 minutes from the start and 30-60 minutes from the end. The first 30 minutes, which is supposed to attract viewers from the breakfast shows and prevent them sticking around, simply isn’t working. As I have said before, have promos saying “The only morning show that starts on time!”

Whilst viewers increased in Ten’s timeslot since they lengthened Studio 10, viewers just want local content. A 30 minute 11am news is a great idea, so it isn’t competing with 7 and 9, but if 10 aren’t committed to news then there are other options: Ready, Steady Cook, repeats of Neighbours/reality shows or even a local edition of Entertainment Tonight (rebranded Entertainment Today) with Angela Bishop/Craig Bennett.

How would this be coded @TV.Cynic ? Could we make fair comparisons for S10 against the others?


As mentioned in Ten News First Reporters thread, Chris Bath will be making guest appearances on the show next year, in addition to her reading the weekend news and hosting evenings on ABC Radio Sydney.


Don’t you mean Natarsha Belling? :stuck_out_tongue:


Just got two things mixed up. Chris Bath will present weekend bulletins with Natarsha Belling on Studio 10. However Bath will also make regular appearances on Studio 10.


Chris isn’t joining Studio 10. She’s presenting the 10 news bulletin on the weekends.


2019 is sounding a good year for this show.
Tarsh and now Chris making appearances will be great for this show.


dont think chris is appreaing on studio 10


The article l just read said she will appear on Studio 10/The Project, who knows how often it could be fortnightly or monthly… suppose we wait and see what happens.


I don’t she would appear on S10 rarely, as a 5th panellist. Maybe, if Chris is available, she will fill-in for Tarsh on the news but I’d say that is it.


Well, how would you know? Are you her publicist? :joy: