Studio 10


Tuesday -
Anna Kooiman is on the panel today.


Seemed to be some sound feedback problems when Mark Vincent was singing.


Wednesday -

Denise Drysdale phoned in today which is her 70th birthday, she mentioned she had a knee replacement and is now heading to rehabilitation.
Miss her on the show looking forward to her returning in the new year.


Thursday -

Toni Pearen is on the panel today.


News + New Executive Producer in 2019

2019 will see Natarsha Belling a permanent figure at the Studio 10 desk, delivering all the latest from the team at 10 News First . With multiple updates every morning, you won’t miss a thing.

Natarsha said, “2019 is an exciting time for 10 News First and I’m thrilled to be playing a role as part of Studio 10 . Mornings are when the big stories break and I’m incredibly proud to be delivering our viewers the very latest on the news stories that shape and change their lives as they develop across the morning.”

10’s Network Director of News Content, Ross Dagan, said: “Natarsha is already part of Studio 10 ’s extended family. Her journalistic credentials along with her warmth and engaging nature, are a natural fit for the program.”

Rest assured, your favourites aren’t going anywhere. Sarah Harris, Joe Hildebrand, Kerri-Anne Kennerley, Angela Bishop, Denise Scott and Denise Drysdale will all continue to bring smart conversation, fun, frivolity and your favourite infomercials to viewers next year.

A new year also marks another new addition at Studio 10 , in the form of executive producer Tamara Simoneau.

Tamara holds extensive experience in television production both in Australia and abroad, including five years at the Canadian edition of Entertainment Tonight serving as senior executive producer.

On her appointment Tamara said, “I’m thrilled to be joining a team with such an incredible breadth of talent and experience. It’s an exciting time to be jumping on board with 10 and I’m looking forward to all that lies ahead.”

Whether Tamara will be able to stop Jono Coleman taking his clothes off live on air remains unclear.

Tamara will commence as executive producer with Studio 10 on 14 January, 2019 and succeeds Lucy De Luca, who’s served as acting executive producer this year and been with the program from its inception.

Lucy said, “Now that the show has settled in to its brand new look, the time is right to step aside and spend time with my family. I will miss the show and the amazing team that work tirelessly behind the scenes, but look forward to seeing the show evolve in 2019 under Tamara as EP.”

On Lucy’s departure, Ross Dagan added “Lucy has my warmest thanks for her work on Studio 10 . Not just as acting executive producer in recent times, but across the last five years. Her commitment to the program has been outstanding. She goes with my very best wishes and will always be a friend of the show. “


So many great ones to choose from :joy:


Weekend news changes…


the funeral insurance lady is my favourite. She gets asked a question and she gets on the defensive!

I feel like there are more infomercials then there used to be. especially in the first and last half hour.


Tarsh is a great addition.


About bloody time, but they’re going to need a bigger desk!


Nah I have a feeling they will just cut to her in the newsroom.


So Tarsh will just be reading the news updates daily not as a panellist for the whole show?


It sounds like just news updates, which you think they would have her maybe do other things for 10 daily etc in between joining them for updates if true.

In it’s current form, I really think there is still a job there for a consistent full time member of the show to bring them back up to 4 permanent panellists.

Then they could use KAK, Denise S, Denise D (if she returns) etc to fill the 5th position along with other regulars like Peter Berner and to fill in as needed.



A bigger desk you say. I best get designing hahahaha


Good to see changes occurring. IMO, one of the first things that needs to be addressed by the new EP is the revolving panel. What made the show work so well in the early days was having the same core panelists day in day out which allowed them to bounce off each other with ease. Nowadays the panelists seem to struggle because the three who are meant to be regulars are rarely all there at the same time making it difficult for them to build a rapport with each other.

The last hour of the show also needs to be addressed. Get rid of it. 3.5hrs is far too long. Lead into a 30 min news bulletin at 11am.


Friday -

Toni Pearen is on the panel again today and Susie Elelman is 5th panellist.:grin:


Great to see Susie back, don’t mind Toni either.


I find her vile. So unappealing and definitely not interested in her opinion. She should go back to presenting infomercials or that show of hers on Win.


I’d say she’s pretty popular with the viewing audience, I regularly see posts asking about when she will be on the show next and she got a big round of applause from the studio audience when Sarah mentioned she will be on the show today.