Studio 10


Shouldn’t they have been doing the three fingered peace sign rather than that two fingered salute which meant something totally different in the 60s?


It was offensive alright. I remember doing it in public once and mum gave a good old telling off.


Joe is such a funny bastard.


So did Angela dress up?


The first flashback specials seemed to have put in so much more presentation-wise.


That was a mini she was wearing which was first fashionable in the 60s. The hairstyle and hoop earrings are from that era.


Thank you Mr. Fashionista :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
I suppose you remember 60’s very well… :joy:


Not in the same boat as you @Salty. :wink:

Just educated enough to know these things. :stuck_out_tongue:


As you know I do like to rock the boat occasionally! :laughing:



Beat up.


Monday -

Vince Sorrenti filling in for Angela on the panel today.


Angela off again? You reckon they are going to ask her to fill in for Sarah over summer or Natarsha or Georgia?


Kerri-Anne is joining the Wednesday panel today as she didn’t work yesterday.


Friday -

Angela Bishop hosting with Denise,Joe and James O’Loghlin on the panel.


Sorry if I’ve missed something earlier but is Sarah not working Fridays at the moment?


I’d say she might be getting them off since she’s been working Sundays on The Project.


Mark Humphries joining the panel this morning

Also Studio 10 using the tagline on that video, “Made For Morning TV” :thinking:


Christmas decorations :christmas_tree:


private school uniform

inserts pic