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Wasn’t it called Jono’s Flashback Friday. And they had the same setup like the $5 Quiz David Robinson used to do.


Sarah is on the cover of the latest issue of Good Health magazine.


Monday -
Jo Casamento is filling in for Kerri-Anne today.

Mikey Robins is 5th panellist.

Tuesday -
Toni Pearen filling in for Kerri-Anne.

Edit -
Richard Reid is 5th panellist.


Filling in for Kerri Anne? Shes only on twice a week! Incredible!


She did overtime the other week on a Friday for the 5th birthday special…and she has been on ‘special assignment’ so she must be due time in lieu!


After ridiculing the segment last week, all of a sudden Sarah is hosting the cooking segment from this week. :thinking:


Are you taking credit for it?



Joe hosted the cooking segment today.:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


He went through the steps of how to order in McDonald’s and Pizza Hut?


Some great lines from Sarah

“We are happy to help out their little show, just because they rate less than ten times what we do,” she joked. “It’s a nice little nod that they’re watching … and hopefully they’re all buying vacuum cleaners so we can stay on TV.”

“In five years’ time Sam Pang might be looking for a job,” she said. “Jono Coleman’s not going to be around forever and I think Sam would be able to sell a ChillO with great ease.”




“she joked.”


Jokes are generally funny


Sarah is funny. Hughesy’s show she showed more of her funny side, you can’t get away with much on morning TV.


Thursday -
Peter Berner is filling in for Angela, with Kerri-Anne on the panel.


Friday -
Angela Bishop hosting with Joe,Peter Berner and James Mathison on the panel.


They are doing a 1966 Flashback special later in the show. Ange joked, with the male-dominated panel, they really are back in the 60s.

Tarsh should be on the panel. If not as the host, she should be filling-in for Ange.

As for Pete Berner, why not use Susie Eleman- a journalist, a regular and someone who wants to be on the show more. Great to have Matho back on though (if Joe ever left, I would give it to James).



Joeff Goldblum should keep that look, star in a dinosaur movie and learn jazz.