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Hey @Salty, might be nearly time to charge your phone mate. 33% :neutral_face:


So was that part pre-recorded after the break? Cause Joe either just shaved or it was bad continuity.


Monday -
Interview with the PM which went for about 20 minutes this morning.


That lower 3rd strap doesn’t look great with the text squished up like that…


Joe can be quite aggressive when interviewing. Is that just a pollie thing?


TV Blackbox Podcast- S01E14

Some interesting insight from @blackbox .

But I don’t agree with this:

Firstly, Kylie and Larry are qualified journalists and are more than capable of hosting rolling coverage; the Lindt Cafe Seige (which unfolded outside their window) is an apt example. But, yes, they eventually switch to Seven News.

Why didn’t Ten allow Ten Eyewitness News to anchor the coverage? Because they didn’t have the journos, the resources and the care factor for news (which Rob embodied) so they allowed Studio 10 to do it.


Yawn. Move on already.


I tend to agree. Whilst I understand that Blackbox is still angry about 10 giving him to boot it’s probably better to not carry on about it in public. Because:

  1. 10 probably won’t give a sh*t about what he thinks or says now that he’s not associated with them.
  2. His complaints and constant criticism of 10 just won’t give people a good impression of him.


How that Molk has a voice that is considered ‘expert’ is beyond me.


Well it wouldn’t really have absolutely no one watching, but being rounded down to zero is still embarassing.


It has been 12 months now since his departure. The current producers showed a lot of class acknowledging him during Friday’s show for the contribution he made to Studio10. Continuing to comment on the show just makes him appear petty.


Let’s just talk about Studio10… that’s what this thread is about. I think we have talked about Rob enough, it’s over and done with. :slight_smile: Let’s not go on about it.

That being said Studio Ten does have a problem and i will say it again - it goes on for far too long. Who is going to sit there for 4 hours and watch the whole show for that long? They’re better of condensing it down to an hour… or something. They still need to fix a lot of things in order to improve it’s ratings, and this would be one of them.

I have to wonder though, does anybody pvr the whole show and just skip the bits they don’t want to see. At least you can pick segments and specific interviews online and not watch the whole bloody thing!


I do exactly that. I like to watch the opener. Hot topics & when I’m interested in an interview. Prefer the days when Denise Scott & KAK are on.

Don’t care for any of the infomercials (obvs) or any of there crosses to that Rob guy or any of the ‘crazy cat’ stuff :roll_eyes:.

Just do an hour and a half / 2 hours of hot topics and in depth interviews. :ok_hand:


Some members of Mediaspy do. My longest time watching it was while I was in an operating theatre waiting room for three hours, and that wasn’t by choice. My second longest time watching it is about 15 minutes.


But doesn’t TMS and Today Extra go for 2 hrs?


So should Studio 10.


If you actually listen to the podcast, he continually says that he gas moved on. He wished them well.


Evidence says otherwise.


It really might be an idea to listen to the comments in full, not some edited points posted here. I do a podcast about television, Studio 10 is going to part of that discussion from time-to-time… it’s on television!

I specifically made the point that I think the show will have a future when the planned staffing changes take effect and I really would like to see the show succeed. Yes, theres no doubt I was annoyed by what happened, but I have reached a point where I’m ready to move on.

I keep finding it funny the criticism levelled at me here because I talk about television and give my opinions… the exact same thing this forum does. Why is it ok for you guys to talk about TV but not me?

If you listen to the full conversation in the podcast and still want to have a go at me, fair enough. But I think it’s uninformed to take pot shots over something you haven’t listened to.