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Interesting that they were able to secure Jess Rowe to appear, however apparently not Denise Drysdale who is still part of the panel as we’re led to believe.

Hopefully under Ross Dagan’s control now, the show can get some stability and some more viewers cause things are looking very low for them currently.


Maybe Mark Latham just changed his mind about going on a show with has such a small audience in NSW. He got more publicity by not going on the show than he would have gotten by going on it where he would just said the same rubbish he had already said in earlier interviews.


Has jess been announced as appearing?


According to the link you provided she is confirmed to appear.


I missed that part of my own link…my bad!


It looks like Pete is a panellist on a fortnightly basis. TBH, Susie Eleman would be much better IMO.


Yeah put KAK, Susie Elleman and Angela Bishop on the same show. See how that goes :joy:


Scrag fights are what viewers want to see.


Now that would be interesting to watch, three strong opinionated ladies all wanting the last word.:joy:


and all the names to pick up off the floor at the end of the show :laughing:



It’s great she has been invited for the birthday show, but she should really be invited back as a panellist occasionally.
Peter Berner is on the panel for three shows every fortnight, should give one of them shows to Susie.


Friday -
The show started with the current team Denise Scott, Kerri -Anne,Joe,Angela and Sarah on the panel

with surprise guests dropping in for the 5th Birthday Show.


I’d say that’s probably Jess Rowe.


Ita who?

Managed to not have any content of her in this shit article even though she was the first announced host, the reason the show was made and there for just shy of 5 years.

Apparently the best moments just conveniently happen to be with the current team, yeah get fucked - all PR bullshit.


Missing in action

  • Ita’s time on the ferry in their favorite moments…



Around 10.30am the birthday celebrations part of the show started with Shannon Noll performing after the performance the team walked out in different outfits.
We did have birthday messages as they went to commercial breaks one that l liked was from Anjali Rao.


Also basically anything involving Ita in general. It’s quite immature of the show not to showcase her in the highlights package.