Studio 10


I wouldn’t quite call it that


Hard to recognise her after her recent procedures. :joy:


Kerri Anne has no legs!?


:joy: What an epic fail!

She has her legs crossed and she is levitating. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


That’s what going on a ‘special assignment’ means at Studio 10 - another renovation.



Here’s Kerry Anne at the working class horse racing event in the birdcage



She’s only been on it a few months???


Originally they said that KAK was coming on board to replace Denise Drysdale, who was taking the rest of the year off. I guess that’s where the speculation came from.

I guess producers are happy with the way KAK has fitted into the show and want her to continue next year. With Denise Drysdale and Denise Scott not doing five days a week and Sarah and Angela taking time off to do other things, there’s enough room there for KAK to be a regular throughout the year.


Tuesday -
Angela Bishop is hosting with Kerri-Anne, Joe and Todd McKenney on the panel.


Its better without Denise Drysdale.


Not sure where to put this, but as it’s Studio 10 related here seems appropriate. I’ve written up an article on how TV rundowns work, using the rundown from the 1000th episode of Studio 10, should you be interested.


This was quite funny this morning, addressing the fake news about Kerri-Anne supposedly quitting the show.


Nine and I are like…that. :hole: :joy:


You can certainly see why Kerri-Anne’s acting career never took off following her role in 0-10’s The Restless Years.


I wouldn’t be surprised if KAK does flee. She isn’t used to playing with others as she has predominantly been a solo act during her career. Sharing the limelight might be a struggle.


Wednesday -
Peter Berner and Anna Kooiman joining Joe, Angela and Sarah on the panel today.


Well, that One Nation debut went well on Studio 10, Mark Latham. Also note Joe Hildebrand grabbing a 10 News First mic.

I guess stuff does happen on TV at 10:40am.


Well done, Studio 10. This is the sort of stuff they need to do to stay relevant.


Absolutely. Great TV. Making the news, sparking conversation, getting the show’s name out there and entertaining audiences. More please.