Studio 10


They cost a bloody fortune, so why not?


I didn’t mind it being used in Melbourne and if it’s just an interim thing in Sydney while the other desk if off being modified then that’s okay.

Just stating a fact really.


Love the new look, by far the best!


Surley that desk won’t be used for 5pm news. Hopefully they standard circle one is being updated, they need to do something about that podium they should of never lowered it should of matched the height of the other one.


Exactly, it’s hardly used in Melbourne so why not repurpose it. So much waste happens within sets and as you said they cost $$$!
So I’m with you :slight_smile:


I’ve noticed that Ang hosts the cooking segment in the last half hour more often than Sarah.


I actually really like the overall new package, most of it seems very well thought out and great to be able to see it in use today.

Just think some tweaks to the supers (get rid of the dark blue coverup for the clock/weather) as you can see how much better it looks without it in the videos posted to Twitter etc.

That and some further set changes such as the desk refresh, new couch and getting rid of the wooden frames of the screens would top it off nicely.


It is certainly a refresh. As I have said, I love the colour scheme of orange, pink and yellow (why do the graphics suddenly change to aqua and blue-yuck!) The replacement of that awful harbour backdrop is appreciated.

The graphics suit 10’s look but are less artitstic (perhaps because Rob had an eye for that) than previous looks.

The let down is the set (of course). The whole set is far too dull- the desk is angular on a circular set set?, the pink hues fail to cover up the blue shaded set. The only thing I like is actually the wood panels around the plasmas (they suit this look). Did they change the area for cooking?

Any format changes?

That is Sarah’s 30 minutes off.


I like the new package but that blue is horrible. Should invert those graphics with blue text (or another colour) on a white background instead.


Yuck. White text on coloured background is what is stylish right now. Logos, graphics, everything.

Blue text on white was the hideous mess used by Sunrise in 2016. From what I’ve seen, that is what they’ll be using on the news tonight and you’ll see how washed out and bland everything looks. :face_vomiting:


It’s the shade of dark blue that I don’t like, if it has to be a coloured background with white text then I would have preferred orange or teal to match the rest of the branding.

To me, the blue feels like they are trying to cling onto something from the old package rather than letting go and moving on.

(And as a side note, I love white graphics when they are done right!! The previous Sunrise package was predominantly based on white/light grey and they ruined it by mixing in colour.)


I already mentioned earlier I thought it should be a lighter shade of blue to match the shade of the teal.


Love it so clean crisp the new background is much better then the horrid city one which was just a mashup of places also love the desk and coupled with soft lighting used it really polishes it off and gives the show a formal yet fun look.


Also good to see Jono towards the end of the show promoting Movember.


What I would do (really quick, sorry they don’t have legs!!!):

  • If they are going to continue from the newsroom, maybe they could use a live shot of the courtyard. In the wideshots, the windows above the newsroom would flow down onto this videowall seen.
  • The logo on the desk would be plastic 3D S10 logo, that would sit over the old one. If 10 wanted to use this desk for the news they could swap out the S10 one for 10’s.
  • Not use blue or green on the supers!!
  • Try Sarah in the center for something different.


All the fakeness and acting is really annoying on this show.




That desk would be a terrible news desk.

In general, I think the new colour scheme, lighting and desk are an improvement! It also marks a new chapter for the show.


I like this! Except get rid of Kerry Anne :stuck_out_tongue: but if they had another male on they would take that end spot and it would be unbalanced. so swap Joe back next to Ang.


Seating is the least of their problems to be honest. But, I put Sarah in the centre as she is the host and moderator (Q&A and The NightCap had their main host in the centre of the desk). The other four I tried to base it off the old team (unfortunately all of the above panelists lean politically right, so difficult to pitch them against each other). I didn’t really want the two oldies and the two youngsters together though or that the left side of the desk would always have different hosts; split it up a bit. When Kerri-Anne was absent, Joe would take the end seat and the 5th panelist would sit second from the left.