Studio 10

I know, but it’s the little things that count, and they (justifiably so) don’t really care anymore. It was more an observation than a criticism.

Can’t understand the criticism either, what can they do with the cables? They’re for music equipment, only briefly seen in that overhead shot and are necessary :man_shrugging:t3:

And the stools, really? Don’t think i’ve seen them used before, but they’re a modern looking piece of furniture. Not the worst I’ve seen used on this and the other morning shows.

I think it’s unfair to say they just don’t care anymore due to the points you’ve highlighted, many people that work on this show have been there since the beginning or for some time and will be sad to see it end.

I’ll acknowledge that the content and hosting duo / trio has been questionable for some time, but that’s more of a budget and management issue than the people who put the show together IMO.


This Wednesday (December 6), the show will air in Perth at the earlier time of 8.30am, due to 10’s live coverage of women’s football friendly between Canada and Australia.


Don’t worry in the final week, they will probably have moving boxes everywhere to emphasize the end


It’s cause the floors bloody white, most are black that’s the only difference :joy:


On the couch this morning.


All three hosts are on holidays I’m guessing

who is host #3?

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Jesse Baird. Ex Totally Wild and on the show as a roving reporter then “graduated” to infomercials.


Angela Bishop is on her way to London for “some huge interviews”. Tristian is “taking family time”.

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Lol he can’t wait 2 weeks until the show is over for family time. That’s hilarious.


I would say his annual leave might have already been approved prior to the axing of the show.


You don’t know what’s happening in his family to warrant him having this time off, could have been pre-planned leave prior to the show being axed with plans that couldn’t be changed.

Absolutely not ideal for the main hosts to be away before the show wraps in a few short weeks, but with barely anyone watching I’m not sure not many people would notice.


It was a joke. I was taking the piss about just how poor this show is.

He prob knew he would have to host with Jess again by themselves.

A lot of schools have end of year ceremonies at this time of year. It would be cruel if he was made to miss a child’s graduation or award ceremony because it might disappoint a handful of viewers.

Please note Today Extra has none of the regular hosts and The Morning Show only has Larry today.

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Who’s are hosts 1 & 2 as well ??

Barry du Bois formerly of The Living Room and… is it… Jess Eva? I think a radio personality but also former I’m A Celebrity contestant IIRC.


Thanks TVAU
As usual with I’m An (Alleged) Celebrety contestants - only just, and only a just within a very small circle.

Also a contestant on ‘The Block’ prior to all of the above.