Studio 10

He’s reading the news.

I read it as hosting with but Tristan does have rehearsals coming up for his stage show so they are going to need fill ins

I think for ten it may be a safe start. If they truly want to eat the breakfast market , they will have to be or the long haul. Didn’t sunrise start as a news service before becoming full features breakfast show? Even if ten don’t fully feature another breakfast to market, at least a proper news service in the morning before studio ten is a good thing.

At the end of Friday’s show they promoted that Beau would be back next week.


Nice. :sweat_smile: is it me did it just got warmer in here?


May need to be taken into account when assessing ratings.


Angela Bishop will be filling in for Sarah tomorrow morning.

Updated -

Sarah Harris is hosting on The Project tonight.


The Australian reports that there were fears inside Ten when Studio 10 was cut back to accomodate 10 News First: Breakfast, that this was the first step towards axing the long suffering morning show. Furthermore, Sarah Harris is rumoured to be seeking greater challenges than Studio 10, and was seen turning up on The Project last week. However, an insider at Ten says “Studio 10 is in no danger…with all its advetorials, it more than pays its way.”

The Australian seems to be the new Daily Mail these days. Anyone could tell them they are an insider and they would listen, if it’s anti-10 of course.


Well, that description shpuld be ronging alarm bells in your head that this piece is the usual biased rubbish from Newscrap, sorry Newscorp.

You wouldn’t describe Studio 10 as long suffering?

News coverage opened Studio 10 this morning with Lachlan joining the team as well.


The inclusion of Lachlan was good, but I think it would work better if they’re introduced.

They came back from the ad, tight shot of Sarah & Tristan, then you have Ang suddenly contribute and then Lachlan.

A simple “Ang & Lachlan join us on the couch now…”


Sounds like what they have been doing on The Project?

Not quite, The Project is doing a cold open on one presenter, package and then commentary.

This was after the first ad break, both main presenters seen and topic brought up with then Ang & Lachlan contributing without being introduced.

Just a small change they could make to make it a little more jarring than just suddenly having them there.

They had already introduced Angela in the previous segment with the cross to preview of “The Biz”

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As they usually do, but as they’re not always seen in every segment I think it would just make sense to welcome them to the discussion - especially if they use a tight shot to open with Sarah & Tristan. As suggested, could just be: “Ang & Lachlan join us on the couch now…”


You believe all propaganda Newscorp feed ypu? You should try making your own mind up.


With the drop-in-drop-out nature of morning telly, it’s a fair point to question if presenters need to be mentioned or not.

On the flip side of that discussion though, if you’re watching all the way through, it could get irritating pretty quickly.

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It’s not propaganda, it’s fact. Studio 10 is consistently beaten by The Morning Show and Today Extra. They axed half their line up of journalists and experienced television presenters and replaced them with a dancer. Need I say more?