Studio 10 (2015-2020)

Studio10 is using the ten news set right now apart from the desk and different coloring

They use it all the time for the fashion stuff.

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Good to have all the regular team together for today’s extended edition for SAG Awards, lta and Denise provide laughs when together.
Also nice to see regular fill ins Jo Casamento and Susie Elelman on the fashion panel today

Don’t you agree @Travis that Jo looked gorgeous this morning? :laughing:
Ita said Jo was the best dressed ! :grin:


I agree. She looked good. Can’t say about what she said as I had her bits on mute.

I know the news set has been used before, but I’ve never seen it, it looked good, could easily do the same sort of setup for a late night bulletin :wink:

Great figures continued for Studio 10 yesterday despite both TMS and Extra back. Well done guys.


Looks like studio 10 carrying some summer momentum into the new season.


Great to see. The huge effort to produce new shows for the Christmas/New Year period paid off.


Great to see.
I think Studio 10 is a great show, I also think TMS is and I really like Kylie & Larry. What I don’t like is Today Extra - that show is so bad!!


Maybe Ten could poach Larry & Kylie for breakfast :slight_smile:

What I think ten should do for breakfast is a straight news bulletin before Studio 10. Could slowly morph it into a breakfast show similar to sunrises’ formation.

I think Ten should create This Morning, based off the CBS breakfast show catching viewers in between the seriousness of News Breakfast/First Edition and the circus of Sunrise/Today. Have one newsreader (i.e. a Chris Bath/Anjali Rao/Hugh Riminton type) and an adaptive sports/news presenter (i.e. Matt White).

What CBS have found is that they are quickly building a loyal audience and have now become the fastest growing breakfast show in the US after numerous failed shows in the past.


Yes that is true. They have a serious news man in Charlie Rose and then in the 2nd hour (or at least they did) they introduce Gayle King for lifestyle/entertainment news. It is more serious than NBC TODAY and GMA yet still fun. They were well and truely behind for quite some time, and still are, but are starting to see some positive results. This is similar to studio 10.

I dunno. Hasn’t ABC News Breakfast got “serious” covered?

Larry & Kylie In The Morning sounds like fun and would be a return to his GMA roots for Lazza :wink:

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Ten should be appealing to the male market in the morning with a sport’s orientated breakfast show.

Base it in Melbourne and make it blokey and funny. If that went from 6-8am with a news bulletin at 8am I’d say Ten would be on to a winner.

Wake Up and Breakfast were far too female skewing and Seven and Nine already have those markets well covered.


Tens failure was also promotion … they just don’t promote it. Big reason they failed was that no one knew it existed. They promote their shitty shows to death to the detriment of everything else.


Maybe just not to my tastes but god that sounds awful… The AM Footy Show :weary:


No you’re right. That does sound awful.

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That is the target audience.


Who exactly is your target audience? Unemployed men? They’ll still be asleep at that hour.