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Stories From Oz is an irreverent comedy documentary series where six of Australia’s most defining stories are retold as musicals. Written by The Chaser’s Chris Taylor and Andrew Hansen, and performed by an ensemble cast of dazzling triple-threats, this 6-part extravaganza breathes new life into some of the country’s most colourful stories, by giving them the full musical treatment they’ve always deserved.

Produced by acclaimed comedy production house Princess Pictures, the series ingeniously swings between interviews with the real-life players and musical numbers that give Taylor and Hansen full rein to put their trademark satirical spin on the material.

The stories receiving the full razzle-dazzle makeover are: the saga of Schapelle Corby, the unlikely triumph of Steven Bradbury, the political showdown of the Tampa affair, Melbourne’s cursed Ferris wheel, the fairy- tale of the young Tasmanian woman Mary Donaldson, and the international meltdown caused by Barnaby Joyce when he threatened to euthanise Johnny Depp’s pet dogs, Pistol and Boo.

Billed as the world’s first documentary you can dance to, Stories From Oz is proof positive that some stories are so extraordinary that it’s not enough to simply tell them. You have to sing them as well.


A Princess Pictures production for the ABC in association with Film Victoria. Executive Producers Laura Waters and Emma Fitzsimons, Executive Producers and Writers Chris Taylor and Andrew Hansen, Producer Julie Eckersley, Director Max Miller, ABC Executive Producers Rachel Millar and Nicholas Hayden.

This sounds really interesting

except it’s literally taken from Stories From Norway which was done years ago (and shown here on SBS)

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Is it more just like a scripted comedy though rather than a documentary as described?

it’s still a documentary but told as a scripted musical/comedy


Like Drunk History?

Sober History. :wink:

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