Step Back In Time

Step Back In Time

Step Back in Time, a variety show coming to Nine in 2020, will offer viewers a blast from the past through a familiar lens.

The show will celebrate key moments in pop culture from TV, movies, music, news, sport, advertising and technology, with each episode focusing on a particular era.

An action-packed, fun-filled program that all comes together in front of a live studio audience.


Looking at this description, why does it sound like a fancy rebrand of 20 to One?

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Nine has told TV Blackbox this show won’t air this year due to COVID-19 interrupting production, but it remains in development.

Looks like this one may be canned.

I guess not being able to have a live studio audience may have had something to do with it, or it wasn’t far along in planning and production when it was announced and then they canned it because it was just a terrible idea - though a variety show would be something different to the reality trash they keep serving up.

Yeah this show sounds a bit confusing. The premise sounded like a game show/variety show but also sounded like a rebranded 20 to One which isn’t appealing in the least.

Nine has a big slate for next year so they don’t need this show I guess.