State/Territory Politics

I think they’ll lose, but I don’t think it’s as dire as you think. I think the result would have been worse under Anastasia actually, but we’ll never know.

The problem with all of this is that people should be careful for what they wish for. They went down this path before and got a Campbell Newman government that would facists to shame. He was an abject disaster and Wld voted labor back quick smart.

Campbell Newman is and was many things, but suggesting he “would [put] facists (sic) to shame” is a level of hyperbole that exceeds even the usual tripe you share.


Did you nominate her?

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A lot of people outside of WA like to pile on McGowan for the way he handled things during the pandemic but just remember what he did was extremely popular within WA. The election result backed that up with the Libs being effectively wiped off the map. A result like that doesn’t happen often.

Of course his Government wasn’t perfect and had its issues, but McGowan is mainly remembered for keeping WA almost COVID-free while the rest of the world was suffering. Everyone I know wishes he was still Premier now.

There is no denying the pain some families went through by not being able to travel, which was very unfortunate, but the border closure was, overall, an overwhelming success. It did what it was designed to do and it was what the people of WA wanted.

I can’t speak for Andrews because I didn’t follow him closely enough (and don’t care to be honest), but in McGowan’s case this is a well deserved award.


It’s the same in Vic. Dan Andrews critics were vocal minorities from the right wing, libertarians and Murdoch/ Sydney based media circles. His landslide election win after 8 years in power speaks for itself, he has strong support from the Victorian people.

Its the pandemic-era foes that have all fallen from grace, either from scandal or turfed out at elections; Tim Smith, Gladys berejiklyan, Josh Frydenberg, Scott Morrison, Matthew Guy ect.


She only just left the job. The King is saving that one for next year. :wink:

I think part of the issue some people outside of WA had with him was not so much the decisions he made, but his attitude in doing so. At a time when a lot of people were really hurting and going through hell it did come across at times that he was ‘gloating’ about WA’s favourable situation. To be fair, that probably wasn’t his intent but that’s how it was received.

Compare and contrast with say Marshall in SA and Gutwein in Tassie. They had pretty strict border policies too and were just as successful as WA in the end but came across as a lot more compassionate in how they spoke about things.

Thankfully those horrid days are over now though.

Hoping politics would have matured by the time there is a next pandemic.

We will likely have other disease outbreaks this century. Some will be here to witness, some won’t.

I just know the next disease outbreak it will be the same same. International border restrictions. And the rest of the circus continues after that. Not the Australia I once knew, but it’s just a how we will operate in a future outbreak.

Not the Australia you once knew?

I suggest you do some research on our response to the Spanish Flu pandemic in 1919. Remarkably similar to Covid in that State borders were closed to control the spread, notably into Queensland and WA.
In an uncanny similarity, Victoria came under fire for letting it get away. There was also disagreement among state and federal governments on restrictions imposed, but sensible restrictions on public gatherings and movements were the norm. The Spanish Flu subsided a little more quickly than Covid, but not before an estimated 15,000 deaths. So one could argue the Covid response was far more successful, especially given Australia’s much smaller population at the time of the Spanish Flu.

So no need to be dramatic. The next pandemic will likely be similar.


Just days after speculation about Kean potentially challenging Paul Fletcher for preselection in Bradfield…

As for the by-election, nothing to see as it’s a safe Liberal retain for sure.