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Queensland Labor MP Brittany Lauga has closed her electoral office until further notice, citing safety concerns for her staff. It came after she alleged she was drugged and sexually assaulted in the central Queensland town of Yeppoon on the last weekend of April.

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Not sure where to put this specifically but…

I’m sure Alan Jones will be happy to hear this news.

I’m sure the Herald Sun editor for this article must’ve been choking back tears when writing this article. No doubt this will be devastating news to some (paywall alert) :wink:

Even with the rather lacklustre and underwhelming budget from a few weeks ago, Victorian Labor is still much preferred over the useless Coalition in that part of the world. Clearly they need a big wake up call somehow but knowing them they’ll keep playing their culture wars until the cows come home to roost.

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Labor could put up an 5 year old for Premier and they would still get in.

Liberals need to move on from Pesutto. He isn’t the only one that needs to go by the way, is at least a dozen other hacks that need to go. It will never work regardless as the factions will continue to undermine each other, no matter who they cycle in and out.

They are the worst party I’ve ever seen in my living life.

Labor is a mess in Victoria with absolutely no plan for the future, just darts and a board. They have no idea how to manage money and it’s unknown to anyone what projects will be going ahead in the coming years, I don’t think they even know. Sadly we don’t have an opposition that can hold them to account, and one we could potentially vote for.

They need to move on from Pallas. He’s very snoozefest for treasurer but he’s also quite arrogant in the way he deals with the budget. There must be someone in the Labor caucus in Victoria who could deal with the budget in a more considerable fashion. Given that Labor’s committed to all those investments, they need to push on with it regardless of what people say about debt. Debt can actually be useful if it’s being used to build long-term infrastructure and transport.

Not that Brad Roswell would do a great job in being a treasurer either, nor Guy or O’Brien. Talent pool in the Victorian Liberals are very shallow and the Nationals are pretty terrible too.

Just a mistake or shonky?

I’m surprised by this, labor has seemed like it is on autopilot at the best of times, with some bad infrastructure news every other week. They are a long way from the Dan Andrews days where they were always in total control of the narrative.

I don’t think pessuto is the problem for the liberals. For me, I could never vote for them knowing all those pandemic-era cookers are still members and could be future ministers. I won’t believe they have changed until they have done a serious cleanout.


I’m inclined to believe a mistake, not blaming the former Government is a pretty big indicator - if you read any of the auditor general’s reports on the financials of government agencies, you’d find they’re all riddled with errors of varying degrees.

I think Jacinta Allan could probably tone down the arrogance a little bit at times. She could take a bit of lessons on communicating skills from Peter Beattie who was able to govern for nearly a decade and who was genuine and honest with his state. At this time it’s as if she’s trying to deflect everything onto the opposition for every single controversy or issue. Rightly or wrongly, she and her team needs to calm down a bit and just accept that they’re not perfect and they’re willing to improve.

With that said I’d still consider Labor to be far more tolerable than the Coalition or the Greens in Victoria.


Allan is a careeist politician who has spent the last 25 years as little more than an attack dog for Labor. She has none of the leadership skills or political nouse that Andrews had; conversely, I’m not convinced anyone else in the party does either (certainly not Carroll or Pallas).

The lack of any competent opposition is not only hurting the Coalition, but it’s encouraging a stagnating Labor party. This will come back to bite them - if not 2026, then in 2030.


Such a turn of events, I thought they were spoiled for choice with decent successors last term with Merlino, Pakula and Pulford all looking like future leaders, but all resigned. Lily D’ambrosio could be an option if she had a higher profile, I think she has always come across as competent and intelligent.

Interesting choices. Will be very popular in some circles and equally as unpopular in others.


Queenslander here. there’s alot of anger towards the ALP up here for youth crime (mostly fueled by the courier mail and 4BC) and cost of living. Miles also doesn’t have the personal popularity that Anastacia had and some of his decisions have not helped - for example the decision to go to a review on Olympics venues and then go against it makes him look like a fence sitter

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Dan Andrews? :woozy_face:

What’s the issue?

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Just an interesting choice that’s all. Especially for a category that includes health.

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Realistically, they’d have both ended up with some kind of honour given the length of their respective premiership.

Agreed. There’s been media coverage about how the families of the 780-odd people who died under his watch would feel about it.

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Yeah, it’s an absolute joke.

Where’s Annastacia’s acknowledgement? She actually managed to save lives.

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I think Labor is being squeezed by both sides. In the inner-city, they’re seen as far too beholden to the LNP when it comes to the resources sector, and that puts them at risk of losing seats to the Greens (South Brisbane and Maiwar’s already gone, Greenslopes, Miller, Cooper, McConnel etc could be next), but if they lean too progressively, those in the outer-suburbs and rural areas will chant they’re not doing enough for youth crime and industries (coal in particular). It’s as if QLD Labor can’t win any way in this climate when both the LNP and Greens are holding Labor to ransom on policies successfully.

With that said we all knew Miles was going to be a disastrous option and it’s proven to be absolutely correct. They should’ve begged Annastacia to stay. They at least would go down fighting even though they’d lose. With Miles it’s about sandbagging as many Brisbane seats as possible as anywhere outside of Brisbane is doomed (maybe except for Gladstone, Ipswich and Logan).