State/Territory Politics

I can’t see him hanging around in opposition. Dick is about the best they can offer, however the factions didn’t seem keen. Fentiman is not the answer!

I reckon they can pull it back in a term with Dick, as long as David fumbles around, I think there is going to be a bit of that.

Not great choices to lead the state from both major parties IMHO.

I don’t think the ALP have any chance in Queensland in October. Not that I think the LNP will be great either, and could possibly descend quickly into a Campbell Newman style disaster. But people want to punish Labor, and a lot of it is well deserved. I think them pushing forward with truth telling and treaty is the final nail in their coffin. How can they even consider that after the referendum result? Regardless of personal opinion that is just outrageous. The mishandling of the Olympics is another unforgivable debacle. They will be voted out. Time will tell how the LNP will go. They’ll need to tread carefully though and keep the religious right nutters in check.

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I think QLD Labor generally needs a leader from the right faction to be able to govern effectively and successfully. Palaszczuk, Beattie, Goss (I think) all had proven records.

We all know what happened with Bligh even though she’s nowhere near as unlikeable as Miles is right now. He’s been a terrible choice and coupled with some controversial policies and a do-nothing stance, the LNP doesn’t even need to pull a Bradbury and they’ll comfortably scoot over the line. Maybe they won’t get a Newman style landslide but it will be pretty ugly for Labor who’ll be bleeding everywhere and possibly only end up with Brisbane seats + Ipswich, Logan, Gladstone, Mulgrave and Cook. Disaster.

Hell if the ALP wants to save some baggage they might as well have another spill and install Cameron Dick. He’s at least more marketable than Miles.

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Dick could pull them out of opposition in one term. Just need to convince the left that he is the man. His the most experienced in the party, it’s just the left are not overly keen.

Yes Cameron Dick is literally the only one left who could pull them out of the wilderness (just like Peter Dutton is for the LNP LOL, except Dick would be a lot more electable). Fentiman to deputy if they have to.

It’s just a shame that Queenslanders have to choose between the lesser of the two evils for this election which is (as painful as it is for me to say) David Cristafulli. Gone are the days when you had decent leaders like Peter Beattie and Wayne Goss.

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I have a bad feeling about this incoming Liberal government, but we will see I guess. Could be very amateurish, remains to be seen, we will give them a shot, but I’m nervous. It’s one thing to have poor or no policy, but it’s another thing to be clumsy, incompetent, and have no control over ministers. DC comes across as someone who has no control.

He might need to take a leaf out of some premiers from down south who have a tight grip on ministers and decision making. As much as I despise this Victorian Labor party, it’s an incredibly controlled machine. The end result is all you hear is the chaos from the opposition.


Speaking of which…

Cheeseman seems to be a bit of a shady character if these allegations are true. Always seemed a bit of a cheese-lord to me (pun intended). It seems Victorian Labor has form in this area with him and Will Fowles before in a similar situation.

Allan might need to do a purge of the party to see if there’s any more. Andrews would’ve done that ages ago given how he did it with Somyurek all those years ago.

The Cheeseman had the whole T shirt and suit look, always has me asking questions.

Tony Bleasdale, a Blacktown City councillor since 1996 and the mayor since 2019, was leading a delegation to the council’s sister cities in South Korea and China. He had been due home this morning. He was 77.

More elections in Tasmania today - 3 electorates are having elections for the Upper House. 15 seats and 2 or 3 electorates have elections the first Saturday in May so that they cycle through evenly.
Today it is Hobart where former Greens party leader Cassy O’Connor is running, Prosser where former Labor leader Bryan Green is running and Elwick where the former member was Josh Willie who was recently elected to the lower house.

Apparently it’s the first time in over 100 years that there have been 3 vacancies because two of the members (Hobart and Prosser) have retired and in Elwick it was a resignation for Josh.

I’m expecting Cassy O’Connor is likely to get in because there’s a lot of Green supporters in Hobart and Hobart is a very anti-development place at the moment and she’s campaigned heavily with her anti-stadium stance so it’s going to be interesting to see how that one goes.

Wasn’t there an election in Tasmania only a few weeks ago? Are these separate or as a result of the previous election?

Separate. The one in March was for the House of Assembly (lower house) and these today aee the Legislative Council (upper house) and are held the first Sat of May each year for a couple of the seats on a 6 year term.

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ok - no consideration was given to doing them on the same day?

I think the upper house one has a fixed date, while the lower house one was called 13 months early for political reasons.

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Net debt is now forecast to hit $187.8 billion by 2027-28, when Victorians will be paying roughly $25 million each day on interest payments.

The budget faces a $2.2 billion deficit this financial year but is projected to return to an surplus of $1.5 billion by 2025-26.

Budget figures show debt debt represented roughly 20 per cent of gross state product (GSP) in 2022-23, and is set to climb to 25.2 per cent in 2026-27, before dropping slightly to 25.1 per cent the following year.

Day 1 of the Victorian ALP State Conference at Moonee Valley Racing Club was sent into lockdown yesterday following 100 pro-Palestine protesters breaking through security to storm the venue causing Anthony Albanese and Jacinta Allan to be relocated to safety.

Senator Linda Thorpe was also in attendance yesterday.

Speaking at the rally, not the Labor conference.

Appreciate the right of people to protest and speak about things they’re passionate about, but did they seriously think that their little cabaret performance at the conference is going to get their intent anywhere or make productive progress? I think we all know the answer.

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