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It’s a thing that many of us discover after a wile, producers and programmers alike, there’s a lot of fund diving into ones passion, but as good as it is to volunteer, at the end of the day, the bills still need to be paid, and absolutely can empathise where Marcus Paul is coming from, hense my hiatus as well.

Sponsorship and advertisers can only be accomplished with much larger audiences, and being restricted to web-radio, many of us have reached that dead end envelope, and unless something major happens, where a larger market can be reached, it’s viability remains in the questionable basket. Kudos to Alex and Marcus for the great effort, hope the big end of town can take us seriously one day.

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Take yourself seriously and you will be your own ‘big end of town’.


Just letting everyone know that after some technical difficulties, the fresh mix is now back on the air, I believe starter fm had changed servers.


Yes, I have been working hard to slowly upgrade the technoligy that runs Starter FM in the back-end.

We officially now have moved to a local Sydney Server for the streaming side of things, which gives us a better connection speed all round, we also recently upgraded to our own server equipment to run all our stations (Which was kindly donated by a listner) so we are now able to do so much more with creating content and additional streams.

And finally we have launched a few addition stations to fit into diffrent niches:

Plus a new colabaration Bridge FM Western Sydney


The fresh mix will be off air for a lengthy period of time due to my admission into hospital, I will be having a major eye operation next week, and will be in recovery for over a month. I won’t be able to use any equipment during this time, hopefully the fresh mix will be back on the air before christmas. I wish Starter and Hawksbury Radio the best of luck for obtaining their community license, as I believe ACMA are now in the final decision making stages.


Get well soon. I enjoy your station and do tune in. I noted you have the relaxing music going now.


Uh, yes, that’s the moonlight cafe, ha ha, only meant to be when I’m off the air at nights, but looks like an unusual astronomical phenomenon is about to happen (pardon the pun), there is going to be a number of weeks of non-stop moonlight (well at least in a program perspective anyway), as I won’t have any eye sight for a number of weeks, won’t be able to use any computers for a wile. Anyway, thanks for the sentiments, much appreciated. Hopefully we’ll get the sun up and rising again before xmas. :slight_smile:


You take care mate. I will miss the Fresh Mix. I note it’s back now.


Noticing a few changes with StarterFM’s branding.

They’re now positioning more around Hawkesbury as opposed to being an online station.

Is there now a stronger focus on this area with the aim to have more airtime on 89.9FM?

It is exciting to watch the station grow. And well done on always refreshing the website and nailing the online imaging. Great graphics and logos.


Yes we are working to develop the brand to work in harmony with Hawkesbury Radio and provide an outlet for the young people of the Hawkesbury to get on air and get their teeth in to broadcasting.

A few things are still waiting of the finial notes from ACMA on who gets the licence, but it doesn’t mean we can’t get the ball rolling.


Sorry to here that Starter FM and Hawkesbury Radio missed out on the licenses, hopefully alternative spectrum can be found soon.

Just a short note that I’m back home, and that the operation has been successful so far. I’ve got long vision, but with lenses removed I have no reading vision. Hopefully this will be a temporary thing.

As regards to the fresh mix, I’m glad to say it’s up and running from today, but due to my relatively pour eye sight, I won’t be adding any new music or archive tracks for a wile, but with 17,000 tracks currenly in the library, this should be fine for some time.

All my typing is now done purely by text to speech software, apologies for any typos, just taking baby steps to getting every thing back to normal at this stage. With treatment over, and the potential that I could have been completely blind, it is a massive weight lifted of my shoulders that the main operation is over. :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: Will be celebrating with some champers over the next few days.


Oh great welcome back glad you are ok. Take care of yourself.

I do really like the fresh mix, I will tune in.

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Great to hear @anonymousbroadcaster .

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welcome back! And great to have the fresh mix back :slight_smile:



What is this all about (Pulse Radio on StarterFM)?

is StarterFM doing a deal with PulseFM Hawkesbury? @TheChase will probably be able to answer this.


No unrelated,
I have been creating special event streams under Pulse Radio and for years.

A bit of a rant;
I owned the Pulse Radio brand and been operating projects under it since 2013: (Audio imaging from 2013).

I rebranded my station to Starter FM to be my main focus and used Pulse Radio as a special events stream for various side projects. (An archived example from 2015) (Relaunch 2018).

When Kathryn Gene, was the current station manager for Hawkesbury Gold, I sat down and spoke with her about ideas for Hawkesbury Gold and what I was doing with Starter FM and Pulse Radio, it was not to much longer after that, that she decided to create the Pulse FM Radio brand, mirroring everything that I had told her.

I’m not saying I have complete rights over the name Pulse Radio, but the way it came about after I spoke with her about the brand and they way it was implemented, (IE not been called Pulse FM but Pulse FM Radio and coping the my designs and other info) seems to close to not be connected…

Rant over.

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