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Meaningless Songs- Heebeegeebees now on The Fresh Mix. That one you don’t hear anywhere…I played it once.

I think the last time I heard it was on 2UW at the time. Very difficult track to find anywhere, found the CD on an obscure eBay auction, by that state the disc was already 15 years out of print.

@anonymousbroadcaster I don’t know where you dig up these songs from :slight_smile: . Really entertaining show so far. Soon you will playing some prank calls from Bass & Pilko. I think I lost that cassette.

Lots of record fares, several trips to the huge HMV and virgin megastores in Sydney at the time, torrents, newsgroups, streaming sites, just basically I get music from where I can find lossless files. Also have traded many swaps with friends and with similar interested music collector groups.

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The Snot Rap as well. That’s one that’s impossible to find.

Yeah I too noted Hawk FM on in place.
Make sure you get plenty of rest with COVID. I too have it (my first time), in my second week of it. RAT test now showing neg but still dizzy, only thing that helps is plenty of rest & sufficient regular warm water.
I didn’t get much sleep first 2-3 days with it, but subsequently caught up with my sleep.


Yeah take care @TheChase . I guess a lot of people will get it now. I am glad you are starting to recover.

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Many of us have had the vaccines, and they hit you pretty hard too, though not as bad as COVID, it’s like a bad flu for two to three days, but definitely the better option.


I didn’t know this until my friends pointed this out in a phone conversation. First article on their website headed “We tried our best but” may have something to do with the switch over, I don’t know. I think this was posted literally a few hours ago.

Managed to get audials to work with the freshmix.

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Strange how none of these players can recognise the proper album art. This is despite that I’ve got all 17,000 tracks in the fresh mix library labeled with cover-art and all album description info like title and artist; both the starter FM player, and the one you pointed out refuse to acknowledge any of the info.


Just leting everybody know the new time slots for the fresh mix. The program now goes to air from 3pm on Thursday over the radio on 89.9 FM in the Hawkesbury, and then is streamed on air on the Fridays from 10am at This week I’ll be counting down the top 25 songs from my personal top 50 weekly singles chart from this week in April 1980.


Yes listening it on delay or live right now on starter FM (depends on your point of view) hhaha. “Do it to me one more time?”, I remember as a 4 year old (maybe a bit older) , I really liked that song, I think my parents bought it as single, I use to bug my Dad to play it. Listening to it as adult, I have the same feeling as what you said on air.

Memories. Probably 1980 was the earliest I can remember in my life.

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Yeah, we kind of have our first memories at four, mine was running around the top floor function room of my parents restaurant, which was empty at the time, I think trying to do a bad impression of the “ballroom blitz” which was in the top 40 at the time (1973).

When it came to 1980, I particularly chose this week to coinside exactly with Easter 1980, many many fond memories. Easter Sunday fell on the 6th of April that year, remember going to the easter show at moore park on the Friday 4th April with Family (in the car, and nearly getting bogged in mud in the car park from the rain). One of the defining moments I remeber was 2SM having quite a large broadcast stage at one of the pavilions.

2SM’s broadcast setup included a bright yellow stage with the studio enclosure in the middle, made into the shape of a huge tape deck, and to give the impression of a HUGE radio, on either side were a set of ten speakers arranged as a pyramid. Four on the bottum, three, two, then one at the top. One thought at the time as an eleven year old that it was rather cool how they done that. I think Trevor Sinclair was having his last days there before being picked up by 2UW, and Ray Arthur would have been just starting out. And oh my god, those Magnolia produced IDs 2SM had at the time were “absolute heaven”.

And then on the way out, it was the inevitable walk through the showbag pavilion, where my brother and I got the MASH showbag (two each). It included two large inflatable 78 inch baseball bats and a 40 inch beach ball in the partial translucent army green colour, one can imagine what my brothers and I did when we got home, oh, what innocent days, oh what tweeny fun.

Many of my favorite tracks on todays show would eventually come out on the Ktel compilation “Squeezed Out”, I think my fourth record purchase. That one got a good thrashing, the grooves were rather worn down not after too long. Bought a mint condition copy around the late 1990s, but on a recent family clean out of my parents place (recent passing of father), discovered the old family box of records, including my original “Squeezed out”, and forgot how trashed up that LP was. :frowning:

Yeah, I know, a bit of a rant, but playing all this 80s stuff does bring back many happy memories.


I knew there were close ties between Starter FM and the now defunct ‘Penrith Valley Bangaz’ which went pirate for a while. Now it has evolved into Starter Bangaz, with the pirate now producing the Marcus Paul show.

This isn’t the first time a pirate station has launched a media career…Tim Wong See did it first with ‘2FT’. I remember picking that up from Kurnell, a feat which he has proudly retold in interviews.


very random thing to just throw out there :man_shrugging:

On Thursday 19th May 2022, I’ll be doing my 30th anniversary show, from when I first broadcasted on Community Radio (Tuesday 19th May 1992 at SWR FM), and it will also be my last program. My health is deteriorating faster then I thought, and have to concentrate on other priorities. It’s not a sudden “I’m going to die in a year” situation, but my vision is notably getting worse, and they are a few life endeavours I would like to complete, before the big “IF” I ever going to go completely blind. The Fresh Mix will continue as per usual on one of the Starter FM internet sub channels, but my mind and enthusiasm are just not into producing curated shows anymore.


Glad to see The Fresh Mix will continue but I am sad to learn that your vision is deteriorating further.

The Fresh Mix would be good to have on an LPON somewhere…87.8 and 88.0 are vacant in Bungendore…hmmm. I am committed to Braidwood FM though.


Hmmmmm maybe I’ll pop down there one day, is there anything on 87.6 or nearby in the other frequency’s?

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87.6 is occupied by the God Squad (from Canberra, but can be received in Bungendore). Thankfully they have turned down the power a bit recently, but it’s still strong enough to cause problems for a prospective 87.6 in Bungendore. 87.8 is totally clear and 88.0 is virtually clear, though I do hear the God Squad from Gungahlin/Sutton area on the Yagi.

87.8 would be the best frequency and indeed this was allotted to Bungendore when ‘The Lake’ was operating on 88.0 (Bywong). There is a need for a bit more variety in the area and even Braidwood FM is poorly received in town.