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I have created this topic because I am moving Starter Free Media (Starter FM) into a full digital brand that will stream through iHeartRadio and its new streaming platform for radio and podcasts

We also announce that we have managed to bring Marcus Paul on board to do a morning show on Starter FM heard across Australia on iHeartRadio and Tune-In Radio Apps.


Quite a coup, congratulations!


How about Starter FM: Album Rock? Playing deep album rock cuts from the 60s to today. Not just the hits but album tracks as well. Like Radio Caroline in the UK but with an Australian flavour.

There is a market for an intelligent rock station in Sydney.


Will the music format remain the same during Marcus’ show?

And when does he start?

I would but I’m not as experienced in that genre of music so I wouldn’t want to do it injustice. If you have some pointers to start something like that then for sure send your knowledge my way.

It will have a Top 40 format with a few dance/urban beats mixed in.

And we are aiming for Monday 7th.

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Have a listen to my show on Braidwood FM tonight from 7 PM. Though it’s probably a bit more experimental than you’d want. Radio Caroline is an excellent starting point.


I can most probably lead things in the right direction, by suggesting to look at the blog of Ozzie Music Man, though all his stuff is in 320 mp3, it would be a great starting point to build something on.

Another great resource is Little Aussie Albums.

and finally, Rock on vinyl.


I wouldn’t make brekkie’s format too different to the rest of the stations music format.

That’s unless you want to treat it how like certain community radio stations are treated.

Personally, I prefer as much consistency with the music as possible.


Yeah we will keep breakfast consistent with our standed day format with talking points from Marcus Paul into-mixed with Top 40 tracks.


Have you got a killer open line number? 13/1300 number at all? Or are they too expensive at this stage?

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To expensive for now, we are just going to test the waters and the engagement level from listeners and build from there.


Can you currently put live callers to air? And where’s the studio based?

(sorry for the questions - it’s a really great insight in how to setup a radio station)


For what we are doing next week will be just pre-recorded however we are looking at using a Rode system which interrogates the ability to put callers to air .


Marcus Paul has moved to Starter FM!

Tune-in to his show Marcus Paul In The Morning this Monday the 7th at 7am on Starter FM.

How you can listen:


iHeartRadio App (Search “Starter FM”)

Tune-In Radio App (Search “Starter FM”)


MP Promo Logo looks great.
I’ll try to listen in.

Listening to 89.9 now with the joint Hawk FM/Starter FM broadcast.
RDS is that of Hawk FM.
Oddly noting a lot of rapid transmitter carrier drift during quieter periods, but during music or complete silent periods, no drift noted, odd to see. I have no idea what causes that.

I missed listening this arvo, but this evening I didn’t detect that other transmission carrier on 89.9MHz.


@TheChase this looks exciting. Congratulations. Just need to get some DAB+ spectrum. Just imagine!

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@TheChase is the freshmix not working today? I was listening to it yesterday but it’s just silence today

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Thanks for that, I will get on to the chap who runs that stream.


no worries, i found it a good mix while working from home. I’m a bit old for the heavier club tunes on the other Starter streams. :wink: