Yep. There is a reason why rectangular sports have moved to rectangular stadiums. Even in this configuration, it’s a poor angle. For AFL and cricket, it’s fine.

I intend on going to one more of the SCG games then attending two at the new BankWest Stadium. And if the Tahs make the semis, they’ll be held at the SCG (according to Fox).

If that is the state of the pitch, the Swans should be very concerned. Although I hope it’ll be ready by round 2.


I wonder about that orientation too. When NRL matches are played at the SCG the field is north-south.


I’d say NRL matches will also be in the west-east configuration, probably to protect the north-south configuration for the Swans.


Does this competition actually mean anything really anyway?

And even if NSW make the semis, they will no doubt lose to a NZ team.

I remember going to ‘State of the Union’ games at Ballymore and those matches actually meant something.


The NRL field is north-south tonight for Roosters v Rabbitohs, as shown on Nine’s pre-match coverage and a tweet from Sydney Roosters this afternoon.