Stadia (the sports thing, not the Google thing)


So presumably “The [sponsor] Gabba”? I suppose names like “WIN Jubilee Oval” come to mind there - where basically every normal person would just ignore the sponsored part of the name.

It’s good that the money will come from naming rights rather than the taxpayer - though I struggle to think that a sponsor will be the money difference between ‘disprepair’ or not.


I agree, “The WIN Jubilee Oval Gabba” does roll off the tongue!


I think it will be “[sponsor]The Gabba”.


Or… “The Gabba, presented by (Insert Your Name Here)”


i was at suncorp stadium last night for the reds v crusaders game. talk about disorganised.

the members area was half shut, and the area that was open didn’t have any food outlets. (Normal process for me is to get to the game, head to the members area and buy fish and chips along with a drink and head to my seat behind the opposition benches.

last night i walked all the way to the opposite end of the stadium to head into the members (it’s an area thats one level down from the main concourse that spans the length of the field) only to be told there was no food outlets open.

than after the game they didn’t open all the exits at each end, funnelling us out the main doors in the middle of each end raher than opening all the doors (they normally open all the doors at each end, including those closest to the sides of the stadium).

suncorp is a nightmare to get out of at the best of times but this made it worse.


It’s Australian rugby. It’s a shitshow.

Here in NSW, I’m a Waratahs member and I still haven’t received my member’s kit, and the first game I can get to is this weekend (vs your Reds at the SCG). I’m expecting it this week, and even the membership tracker they use (as they go through TPF) is not operational. If I don’t get it by Friday, they’ll get a firm talking to by me on Saturday.


Piss poor really. You’re spending your money investing in their side and they’ll be lucky to have your gear sent out by game 1.


Here’s the email we recieved on Jan 25:

2019 Membership Pack Update

Please note that 2019 membership packs will be delayed from arriving with members for the start of the 2019 Super Rugby season.

The delays in the membership program this season have been due to complications of playing from 4 different venues in 2019, as well as changing to a new membership system. This compounded with the closure of the distribution centre for Chinese New Year means that packs will not arrive by the Brookvale game on 16 February.

All 2019 members will be sent an a digital copy of their 2019 membership card via email in the next two weeks that will allow them access to the NSW Waratahs home games while their packs are being dispatched via post.

Please note that membership cards will need to be printed prior to game day in order to scan into Brookvale Oval.

Packs will begin to be dispatched once the distrbution center has re-opened after the Brookvale game. We anticipate packs to arrive with members prior to the second game at the SCG on 9th March.

We apologise for any inconvenience this may have caused.

Seriously, other clubs did a LOT better:

  • Swans had their cards and smaller items sent to members BEFORE Xmas, and larger items for pickup on fan day and at games. As did the Kings and Jets.

  • Knights and Thunder sent stuff out directly to members BEFORE Xmas.

This is why clubs should have a dedicated app for members with their cards ready to go, in cases where they pull stunts like this. It’s 2019, I can tap and go my Woolies Rewards card using Google Pay. What’s their f##king excuse?

If they’re blaming having four separate venues for delays (Blottoland, SCG, McDonald Jones and Bankwest), I can sort of respect that, but if they’re truly professional, this would have been sorted by Xmas, early January at the latest. Have the gear ready for pickup at the game - other clubs do it. But have the cards done early - not have members print out the card.

I hope it gets to me by Friday - if not, I will be registering a complaint. Blaming 4 different venues and Chinese New Year is a cop out.


It’s a bit rich blaming the Chinese.

But I don’t actually understand where they got the ‘playing from 4 different venues’?

I can only count three.


Could be worse… I was listening to a Mix 106.5 aircheck on YT yesterday and heard an ad for the Waratahs v Blues @ ‘Waratah Stadium’… ouch.


They’ve blamed the Chinese - not me!

Because the state government are blowing money on a new stadium to replace Allianz, the Waratahs are taking games to (B)Lottoland (Brookvale Oval), McDonald Jones Stadium in Newcastle, the SCG and Bankwest Stadium (the new stadium in Parramatta). Try re-reading it.

Again, NSW and Australian rugby are run by idiots. Proof that private school education is a waste of money, as it is predominately run and aimed at private school inbred idiots.


Tell us what you really think about private schools. :joy:


Well, rugby union is really a game that doesn’t stray far from its private school inbred toffy roots. It shows too. Mind you, my public high school did play it, as they did league, football, etc., but as I’ve since discovered, country schools have more common sense than city schools. But that’s neither here or there.


Tuesday Quiz.

Where in the world is this stadium? And who’s playing?

Not many stadiums have a great big whacking bridge right behind them…


Australian rugby isn’t run by some toff… but a sheila from Wagga.


Why are you linking me with that? I didn’t say anything about rugby union or the toffs that run it.


They can come from anywhere. :wink:




You’re doing my head in. Just leave me out of this convo which I know nothing about. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Public schools buy the best players through generous scholarships, first-class facilities, superior academic tuition and boarding facilities… (yet arguably schools like my alma mater (TBHS) have stronger traditions and history (and a pretty good boarding house).

While pubic schools do not define rugby… they are certainly part of its lifeblood.