Stadia (the sports thing, not the Google thing)


Too wongs don’t make a wight.

Looks like it must be Sci Fleet Stadium, Wests Bulldogs Rugby Union.

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Sex Dungeon?


Today is Wednesday though…


Watching the Tahs vs Canes game…

Lottoland looks like shit. Should’ve moved this game elsewhere.

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Yes, Brookvale Oval definitely needs an upgrade… hard to justify when it’s only really used 12 times a year for Sea Eagles matches. And we all know Manly fans won’t travel.


Apparently it’s getting one, but not for the surface.

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What’s the best stadium in the world?

I’m guessing it would have to be the house that Jerry built.


The Stadium at Olympia in Greece. It lasted just a few more years than the pieces of shit built by NSW governments at Moore Park.


Nothing compared to the Colosseum.

The house that Vespasian and Titus built :slight_smile:

As for Moore Park… nothing wrong with them… the SFS was ahead of its time and the SCG is world class.

If you want shit - go to the Gabba.


I thought that was classed as an amphitheatre.


It held 45K seated and 60k+ standing room…

By modern standards one would suggest the word we use these days ‘stadium’ is apt.


Don’t think so. Nothing to do with capacity. Colosseum wasn’t strictly used for sporting events.


It’s good seeing Kogarah Oval being used for other games outside the NRL (and I am a huge Dragons fan).

It held the W-League Grand Final yesterday, and has held numerous A-League games recently too (and will host some upcoming AFC Cup games). It is also the venue of some Socceroos Training Sessions (and once held Manchester United training sessions too some years ago)


Just needed an upgrade rather than a total rebuild (when I last went there the loos were like you’d find at a suburban venue, they were the ones behind the goals to the left of screen under the scoreboard. Plus the entrance was a little strange compared to many others, not that you’d get lost but it didn’t look as modernised to enter as other grounds)


VFL Park opened in 1970, but it was already looking dated less than 15 years later…

The SFS opened in 1988 and it’s futuristic design has never looked outdated.


Never really understood why Arctic Park kept wooden bench seats in the outer for the duration of its useful life. Even tried painting over them to make them look like something else


I suspect because they were still reasonably new. When the MCG began installing bucket seats in the mid 1980s, they were either replacing standing room or timber benches 30 - 50 years old. Don’t forget, large sections of the MCG retained timber or steel bench seats up until the Commonwealth Games redevelopment.

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Bankwest Stadium are holding a community open day on Sunday April 24.


What are others thoughts on Ikon Stadium. It has got gorgeous views.