Stadia (the sports thing, not the Google thing)


I think bacco is saying that they’re trying to turn the Olympic Park area into more than just a sporting precinct by putting in apartments and businesses. However, as he’s rightfully said, it’s not going to be easy.

As someone who regularly goes to Olympic Park, there are some major issues, and not just Opal Tower. One is public transport. There are rarely any direct trains to Olympic Park - you have to change at Lidcombe to get there, or get off at Concord West and walk. Buses aren’t exactly convenient either, as I found out on Saturday. What is needed is a dedicated train line and buses going to and from Olympic Park everyday, not just for major events, and it needs to stop at major areas.


So they’re trying to make it like Melbourne’s Docklands except it’s not in the city. Good luck Sydney, you’ll need it.


Non-event PT to Olympic Park is terrible, its probably unlikely to improve until the Parramatta Light Rail eventually makes it out there. There really needs to be regular train services from Central and either Parramatta or Strathfield to improve services, but I’d guess that there are capacity issues that prevent that.

Event PT isnt much better to be honest


There’s a proposed rail line from Sydney to Parramatta through Olympic Park but it keeps being postponed.

Also, a light rail link from Parramatta.



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though some connections i had i got some free tickets from an ex australian cricket player to an australia v england one dayer last year. they were in the members area, and as i was not dressed for it i had to buy a collared BCG members shirt from them - wore it once and it almost fell apart in the wash. and the kicker was we lost

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The Gabba’s naming rights are up for sale for the very first time. It means next summer the stadium may have a commercial name. I don’t think cricket fans will be happy, but I hope the extra cash generated from the naming rights will 100% go towards upgrading the venue, which is well overdue.


Maybe they can buy some backup power generators… :laughing:


Energex Stadium perhaps?


Hunter Stadium in Newcastle used to be known as Energy Australia Stadium, so not totally far fetched.


Thursday quiz.

What ‘stadium’ is this in Australasia?

Have a guess… You can never be too wrong. IMG_6582


Looks like a suburban football ground to me. If it’s actually a “major” stadium, I’d be absolutely embarrassed.


I know you’re in Brisbane.

And I have a sneaking suspicion from seeing QRL Intrust Super Cup on telly that it might be Langlands Park at Coorparoo? (Easts Tigers home ground).

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Good guess… Langlands is a great little ground… but no…

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It may not be ‘international’ but it’s impressive.

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No, I have even less clue now.


So far there’s been two guesses.

Two wrong.


More clues please!


Two wrong is far too wrong.

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:thinking: Toowong.