Stadia (the sports thing, not the Google thing)

MeS and MaS perhaps?

MS for Metricon, MARV for Marvel

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The new Western Sydney Stadium at Parramatta will be called Bankwest Stadium, in a 7-year deal with NSW Government. The Sunday Telegraph says the deal is worth $18 million.


Groan. It’s bad enough I get letters in the name of that bank mixed up in my childish mind on the odd occasion I see mention of it. Now I’ll be thinking about the alternate name every time I hear that stadium mentioned during sports reports.

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Best wank

last week, when I was on the train from the Western suburbs all the way to the city, the Subiaco Oval was still there there. They will demolish the stadium to make way for a new school that will open in 2020. There were auctions that took place the week before last week with timber seats, phone sets, stadium signage. The WA Football Commission will relocate from Subiaco to Tuart Hill.

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I was in Perth in mid November at the start of my two week holiday, and the first thing I did after arriving in Perth was to drive straight to Subiaco and see the stadium for myself. I also notice construction works for the high school next door was well underway.

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Allianz Stadium in Sydney. Currently going through demolition works for the rebuild.

Source; Twitter


I still find it a bit hard to believe that they’re demolishing a stadium that is only 30 years old.

And replacing it with one the same size! (45,000 capacity)!

And the same thing is occurring at Parramatta!

Hopefully it is money well spent in terms of getting more events and people attending.


It’s ridiculous how much government money sport gets and how little the arts get in comparison. Not to mention hospitals, schools , public transport.

They’ve been working on a refurbishment of Town Hall station for the past three years and it’s STILL unfinished, even though they went off and completely redid Wynyard station in between.

Even after they installed new air conditioning, Town Hall is still a sauna most days in summer. Bloody hopeless state government with their planning and development.


No it isn’t.

How so?

Sports are much more accessible to a wider range of the community than art.
It’s hard to make crowd pleasing music, paintings, theatre, TV etc. Not to mention the interest levels (there’s a reason sports news is a daily feature on TV news rather than an all points bulletin on arts). Return on investment much more obvious as well, although I’m more a fan of stadiums being upgraded in partnerships with codes rather than govt paying for majority. Art of course should be funded but sport is more accessible for all.

The benefits of physical activity through sport and promoting that are also key, imo.

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The NSW government backed down from its plans to spend $2.5 billion redeveloping three stadiums and will now spend only A$1.8 billion. Funding to the Arts is nowhere near that.

People always argue about the importance of Sport vs Arts. You’re not going to change even if I argue until the cash cows come home. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Nor should it be. :+1:


Now those are things the NSW Government should be spending the money on that’s (IMO) instead being wasted on these new stadiums!

Are people who are stuck in traffic or waiting for a hospital bed really going to think “but at least Gladys helped keep the NRL Grand Final and State of Origin matches here in Sydney!” while lamenting the quality of the infrastructure they actually need to use? I highly doubt it.


Exactly. How many people will use the new stadiums compared to those on public transport every day using overcrowded buses, ferries and train stations?


All Allianz and ANZ needed were upgrades. Not knock downs and rebuilds. That enough should be enough to knock Gladys off come election time - but given just how much of an unknown the opposition are, it’s like voting for two different variations of the same bowl of s##t.

If they wanted a stadium to knock down and rebuild, try the Newcastle Entertainment Centre, or Broadmeadow Basketball Stadium. Or both! The NEC couldn’t even handle a NBL pre-season game.