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However, today’s news refers to Melbourne Stadiums Limited and its CEO so perhaps they’re dragging their feet in the transfer.

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The biggest problem with the Gabba is that unless they acquire the school to the left hand end for footy, it’s basically landlocked. Increasing capacity is impossible and in reality probably not going to be cost effective if the ground only will get close to being full for 2-3 domestic 20 over games a year.


I guess the advantage that MEL, ADL and PER have over SYD and BNE in the stadium battle is that they’ve only really got to cater for the oval/round shape configuration in terms of having a major sporting venue.

The NRL and ARU don’t seem to mind taking Origin or Wallabies Test matches to those shaped grounds in the southern states, but SYD and BNE spectators would complain about being forced to watch those games on oval shaped grounds because they say they are too far away from the action - hence the Sydney Olympic Stadium redevelopment. And whilst there’s enough league and union games to warrant sizable rectangular grounds in those cities, but they’ve also got to cater for cricket and the AFL too.


The naming rights of The Gabba in Brisbane is up for sale for $2 million a year. It is one of the key proposals of 19 recommendations contained in a report into Stadiums Queensland by independent consultant John Lee, to be presented to the Queensland Government this month.

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Two posts, 3 years apart, no naming rights interested?


They’re only 1 month apart.

Jul 15 in this case is July 15th this year, not July 2015.


Tennis Australia has bought the naming rights to the venue adjacent to Melbourne’s Rod Laver Arena. Formerly known as Hisense Arena, the venue will now be called Melbourne Arena for the next five years.


oops as you were

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With West Coast’s on-field success this season helping to break attendance records at Optus Stadium about ten times, the 60,000-capacity may not be big enough and the stadium will have to be upgraded to 70,000 capacity.

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Perth - the city that builds for yesterday’s needs.


Would it reach capacity at 70,000? I’d prefer playing to a full 60,000 crowd rather than a mostly full 70,000.


Probably, given West Coast’s membership base is still growing. Last time I heard there were thousands of people on the standby list because the club could not guarantee them a seat in the stadium.


On the flipside, every Fremantle game will be less full


of course it would - people asked this question of Subi oval and look now an extra 20k people are going.

one major fix of increasing capacity is that it would bring down ticket prices and hopefully the price of food, drinks and other services (even though they’ve hiked up the prices soooo much). I’m going to the WAFL final since my team’s had the best season ever and the tickets are $20 for Adults max and you can sit as close or as far to the field as you want.

Making capacity bigger in any event or venue tackles scalpers so much, the demand is huge, but the supply is limited, so if you increase supply it’ll make it more accessible to more people. The thing with WA is that demand will always increase if you increase capacity as it looks a lot more alluring to be a part of (prices should decrease as the law of demand and supply states).

you know there would be more than 60k at the game each week, so you’re saying you’d rather play to less people?

yeah and that’s because of the whole ‘Fremantle Shockers’ stuff that a lot of people learnt in primary school from classmates or their parents.

Once Fremantle get their shit together then it’ll be a different story. Look at West Coast if they had as bad as a season like a few years ago, they wouldn’t have had the dream capacity they’ve had this year.

I reckon the stadium could even increase capacity to 75-80k (eagles membership is over 80k and dockers have 55k so the hunger is there).


Though it will be interesting to see if the cricket matches there this summer still get good crowds, also in light of the ball tampering saga.


I think you’ll see the BBL matches be the ones taking out the attendance records rather than the internationals. It will be very interesting to see just what a barrier the WACA capacity has been on tapping the market over there.

If Perth play as well as they have in previous years, a BBL final there would be huge.

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Docklands Stadium is now officially known as Marvel Stadium as it’s now October 1st


I wonder how they will distinguish Metricon Stadium and Marvel Stadium on the AFL fixture for next year?


It has changed from @EtihadStadiumAU to @MarvelStadiumAU