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I agree, “The XXXX Gabba” is the how I think it will work out

The irony is that the official name of that stadium is still the Brisbane Cricket Ground, but is rarely referred to as that.

I can’t see the SCG or MCG ever selling naming rights to their ground though.


It’s something that should never happen but knowing just how much our sporting & gambling cultures are incredibly intertwined here in NSW, I wouldn’t be overly surprised if one day the NSW Government and/or the SCG Trust were to sell the naming rights with the ground becoming “the TAB SCG” or something else completely inappropriate!


It may have to happen if Labor wins the NSW election and the SCG Trust is forced to repay a loan to government.

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Personally I wouldn’t be surprised if they renamed the SCG and mCG.


It’s Talen Energy Stadium in Chester, Pennsylvania, USA.


When was the last time the Tahs played at Concord? I mean that was where Waratah Stadium was based in the dying days of amateurism in RU.



Just hand the SCG and SFS to Venues NSW and disband the trust


NSW Treasurer Dominic Perrottet said today:

The people of NSW have a clear choice at the next election. A government that wants to build and grow the state’s future or a Labor party that wants to cut, cancel and cripple NSW.

I don’t agree with his comment. Will Labor really cut, cancel and cripple NSW? It’s all about public money being used wisely.


Spending 2.2 billion dollars to replace a stadium built 30 years ago and another less than 20 years old? It really is not spending taxpayers dollars “wisely”.

Yes. How will stopping the demolishing and rebuilding of stadiums “cripple” NSW? It’s ridiculous.

The only people who will benefit from these new stadiums are the rich who want to watch games from more private boxes and are the only ones who can afford them.

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All this fuss for a sport that nobody even goes to see live anyway


the WACA is getting a major revamp


Only if the state government gives them the $60m they’re demanding. Otherwise it’ll be just like every other proposal that they’ve released on an almost yearly basis in the last decade.

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Had the WACA been upgraded years earlier, international cricket matches and BBL would have stayed at the venue instead of moving to Optus Stadium.

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This is interesting

  • Resizing of the oval to accommodate Australian rules football matches and other sports;

For AFLW and WAFL?


Good news everyone…I did get my Waratahs card this week. Along with a fairly nice cap, the customary lanyard, a key that you can get cut yourself (???) and a clear tote bag for game nights.


Agreed. I went to the Day 5 of 3rd Ashes Test at the WACA in late 2013 and noticed that it was outdated. Currently there are 10k seats around the stadium, although it plans to increase to 15 000 seats. This will give them a big boost to the maximum capacity of 24,000.
At the end of Last year, The Australia v India Test at Optus Stadium was much lower than Australia v South Africa ODI, with fewer than 20k attending the match. Many cricket fans believe that the stadium was very big and that some players cannot even hit longer boundaries.


I don’t see much point spending money on the WACA when Optus Stadium is only a couple of good tee shots away.


the WACA is still the home of cricket in WA. They still need an elite high performance centre for the WA and Scorchers teams to use as the current one is outdated. Tests, women’s matches, WBBL, Domestic Men’s, Domestic Women’s, WAFL and AFL Women’s would be used there as well as being a training venue for big teams playing at Optus.

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