Southern Cross News

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The worst news broadcast IMO.


wow, that’s harsh!


That’s some terrible photoshopping.


SC News returned to Sunshine Coast today and lived up to its nickname of 2 minute noodle updates - a total of 2 minutes of news was shown across the entire day in 3 updates.

Hint: If you’re producing a news service without any images to accompany the stories it’s best not to include one about police releasing a CCTV image of a suspect who robbed a pizza shop (0:56).


Isn’t this guy a treasure?


The Prime7 Canberra News updates at least have video related to some of the stories. Those SCA updates are pointless.


Hopefully the news updates will get a refresh.

SCA is hiring two new recruits for our Canberra newsteam. You’ll be an energetic news all-rounder, producing and fronting news updates for our regional TV viewing areas.


Given this is in the areas where SC is the Nine affiliate, the Seek ad has the Nine logo, and 9News Canberra is due to start in 3 weeks, perhaps this should be in the Nine News Regional thread?

I guess the ad is referring to the updates in areas 9News won’t be in yet for a bit, or will SC9 continue to do their own updates rather than Nine presenting those from Sydney like the 18:00 bulletin?


I think the ads are in relation to the Northern NSW areas, where Southern Cross still operates TEN.

That is all produced out of Canberra.


Southern cross Tasmania sports presenter chirs Mitchell is moving back to Albury


Poor guy never took to presenting.


From what I saw of the Tas bulletin a few hours ago, wow it is a blast from the past! It looks awful, seriously needs a refresh… so far behind the presentation quality of the 7News (& 9News) Sydney & Melbourne bulletins.
From the looks of it not only does SC7 Tasmania desperately need a new set, but they’ll need to update their equipment for HD too, but are SCA going to spend that kind of money?


They bloody well should considering their 20 year reign.


Probably not until they move into their new premesis, which is still a couple of years away.


The female news anchor for Ten News in Canberra in 1990 was Christine Kininmonth who went on to work at the ABC and you may remember her from the New Inventors.

The station was lucky as it was owned by Network Ten from 1987-1989 who invested in the new set and news equipment. The set was almost identical to Brisbane’s.

Canberra Ten News 1989
Brisbane Ten News 1989

CTC was sold to Charles Curran in 1989 but kept the 10 TV Australia branding until “The Entertainment Network” launched in Jan 1991. Canberra adopted “Eyewitness News” at that time.


And Canberra moved its TEN Eyewitness News to 5pm as well in 1992, only to move it back again to 6pm a few months later after viewer backlash.


You’ve read my work on Wikipedia?


Probably more relevant for the TV History thread, but you’ve done some fantastic work with that Wikipedia article! :slight_smile:


Thanks mate - it was directed to the point about TEN news moving to 5pm in Canberra briefly in the early 90s.


This week, saw a weather update for SC10 Newcastle. Lengthy, detailed, lots of slides, quite impressed. Looked good, sound was unavailable however.