Southern Cross News

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Southern Cross News SA still running this week with Tim Hatfield still on deck in Canberra.


First time I’ve seen this. Tim Hatfield is currently presenting a Dulux sponsored local weather update on SC Tas. Strangely, the graphics used are the blue and red ones used on SCA9 updates.


I half caught something on Sunday night with Tim Hatfield in it but didn’t see what it was. Thought it was a news update in the wrong area or something. If that’s two nights in a row, I’ll have to watch tonight and see what it is. I wonder if they still have the usual Peter Murphy update around 10:30?


SC have been known to do branded weather updates in the past.


One of these aired when I was in Rockhampton a few weeks back, it was a statewide weather update. Aggie Bradshaw was presenting.


I’m not sure how long they’ve been running for, but I managed to capture one of these Dulux-sponsored Weather Updates (a combined Southern NSW/ACT update, of course) off Nine South Coast on October 30:


Southern Cross News SA is finished for the year. It returns on Monday 9th January.


You requested this . :slightly_smiling_face:


Geez, I wish I could receive SCTV news from here in Melbourne!

His better then the fill-in we have here in Melbourne.


Interesting that the super says Southern Cross Television News. Cheers for that.


Santa (Ken Saville) was getting into the festive spirit on the weather earlier tonight. :christmas_tree:

WIN News

Are those caps from 1996 or 2016?

Asking for a concerned viewer.


Haha. The latter I’m afraid. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: 1995 graphics are in that video above. :yum:


Special Christmas endtag used tonight.

Seven News Content and Appearance

Seven News Sydney also used that same animation, but obviously with the Seven News logo at the end.


Former Tas sport presenter Michael Maney is back , filling in as newsreader over summer.


Returning Monday promo:


The past two nights has had Katelyn Barry reading the news from the Hobart newsroom with Sport and Weather done from the Launceston studio.


Paula Anstey is now Paula Grierson.


Southern Cross News room back up and running after the month off: