Southern Cross News

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I’m going to miss Sam smiling inappropriately as he reports on the latest house fire or road tragedy.


More of Southern Cross News from 1996 with Judy Benson & Steve Titmus.

[quote=“RegionalSATV, post:347, topic:239, full:true”]
Sam Hunt presenting Southern Cross News SA tonight. His last official duty for Southern Cross before moving into a new duty as a Political Advisor.[/quote]He’ll have plenty of reasons to smile being in that position soon. :stuck_out_tongue:


Just came across this interesting comparison of 3 intros from 1996-97.


Do we have a larger version of the one down the bottom - the combo Ten News / Seven Nightly News…?


[quote=“antzzz, post:352, topic:239, full:true”]
Do we have a larger version of the one down the bottom - the combo Ten News / Seven Nightly News…?
[/quote]This upload from former Southern Cross presenter Lee Dixon.

I have one from 1997 with the same opener (caps I posted a couple weeks ago from the same bulletin) that I’ll upload soon.


Set shot with date graphic.

Here’s an entire bulletin (spilt into 4 parts for some reason) from 2000. Upload credit to @ando9185

Part 2
Part 3
Part 4 - love the closing theme to this one!


Thank God the current set doesn’t have those TVs in it still :joy:


They’re probably out the back somewhere still knowing Southern Cross. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I’ve seen two “Local News Updates” on SC9 today, both presented by Sarah Bannerman.

The presenter name on the super at the start of each was “Tim Hatfield” and “Ali Drower”.
So amateur!


Southern Cross updates in their varous forms all done for the year, lime Prime…


Will the news updates be returning next year? Or will they become the reporters for the new Nine News editions?


In the new year, SCA Canberra will still be producing Southern Cross News for Regional SA/Broken Hill as well as “2 Minute Chicken Noodle” News Updates for Ten Northern NSW and TDT Nine.

One would imagine that there’s the possibility of the “Local News Headlines” Updates continuing until all the new regional editions of Nine News are launched. After that, perhaps the current “Local News Headlines” presenters will either become Canberra news reporters or redeployed into roles for Ten Northern NSW, TDT or GTS/BKN?


Who said anything about chicken?


Just using the nickname that these updates have been given by many forumers over the years. Since the updates (well, the longer ones) last 2 minutes, that’s probably where the “Chicken Noodle News” nickname came from! :wink:


I thought they were just noodle updates.

For the record, I prefer beef.


Never fails to crack me up

FK I’m Dead

Oh you guys


They’ll have to, otherwise they will be in breach of the local content regulations.


“Chicken Noodle News” was the name the big American networks gave to CNN when it started because they didn’t believe CNN would ever become a serious, respected news outlet with vast resources.

When Australia’s regional stations started dropping full news bulletins they were eventually forced by the ABA to provide a minimum level of local content in the four largest regional licence areas. This took the form of the two minute news updates, hence they were dubbed two minute noodle news because they were quick and easy to produce but ultimately bland and unsatisfying.


At least two minute noodles can be satisfying after a big night out. I wouldn’t say the same about these local news updates. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: