Southern Cross News

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No Southern Cross News SA tonight as presenters are unable to submit and send reports to Canberra.


At what point of the bulletin did this go to air? Was it a fluff piece on the GF?


Yet they managed to go to air last night


Possibly stories had already been dispatched to Canberra before the power went out?


Yeah quite possibly


There was blackout coverage last night and the reporters have been doing stuff on facebook all day.


and tonight;


I’d say Judith Winen ought to do more thinking, and less winen


[quote=“LFD459, post:287, topic:239, full:true”]
At what point of the bulletin did this go to air? Was it a fluff piece on the GF?[/quote]Just a mixed GF preview and with a local police warning “they’ll be out in force” type of report.


Last one in a week of red & white outfits (too bad they didn’t take any “inspiration” from these :yum:).


Just managed to cap these off TEN Newcastle


They should have looked like this from the beginning! The Ten logo in the titlecard looks custom…


I still spot the Southern Cross “star” logo.


Yes I saw that too!

Just when all evidence of the old SC TEN branding seemed to have disappeared in that news update, I find that twinky little star hiding in the corner!




Whoops. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


That is brilliant!


I did that at work one time for a joke. I put a super below it with the caption “Split personality?”


Exactly how many hours did your stint in television news production last?


LOL. Thankfully I only did it while testing the graphics on the character generator. It wasn’t broadcast.