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Because people only cough when they have influenza.


Must have been a slow news day, this story has sprung on various news sites today


[quote=“Ryan, post:265, topic:239, full:true”]
Because people only cough when they have influenza.[/quote]

Wow, do they?! Didn’t know that, thanks! I wasn’t being serious hence the tongue. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: Though, she should take time off (which she has done since ) as her voice is irritating to listen to and hard to understand too.

Of course, none other than the Daily Mail etc. Pathetic. :upside_down_face:


maybe have a read up on the Daily Mail…


ACT Election graphic


Forgot to post this earlier in the week but the other night Jo Palmer celebrated 20 years at Southern Cross News in Tasmania.


Think of all the sets she’s seen… oh wait… :joy:


Come now, she has seen the worthy museum piece change light colours from blue to red several times. That counts doesn’t it? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
Plus part of the set backlights has blown out live on-air before too.


That’s right, I remember that one!

I’m wondering how many times she’s retaliated to Murph and then had regrets or just been left speechless by him. He loves to put them off!


Any word on SC9 local bulletins?



What local news is planned on the new Nine channels?

Nine in the Southern Cross Austereo regional areas will continue to meet the local content requirements set by the Parliament. Additional local news is planned for the future.

Further announcements about this will be made in the future.


Hmmm… clearly a Sydney supporter. :persevere:


That outfit is a crime against fashion. But also looks like a managers uniform from KFC


It comes out every September! I reckon it’ll make an appearance at least once or twice again this week. Imagine if he’d had to read the news like the other week in that suit. If WIN still couldn’t beat Southern Cross with their newsreader dressed like a clown then they’d have no hope!


[quote=“GradyACN, post:278, topic:239, full:true”]
That outfit is a crime against fashion. But also looks like a managers uniform from KFC
[/quote]All Pete now needs is a bucket on his head and the outfit would be complete!

Would look very smart indeed. :grin::+1:


More of these ‘amazing’ outfits in this week-long event. :expressionless:

Edit: Inculded one I missed earlier in the week. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Listen out for some excellent grammar in tonight’s local news headlines, including:

“has been endorse"
"staff should out find out”


I found his inspiration.


^ Haha! Very funny. :joy:

A shot in front of where the weather is done was shown tonight

Edit: This one is embarrassing to say the least. :grin:


Haha, somehow that reminds me of a Report Piece to Camera you’d probably expect from the likes of Damien Smith or Mike Dalton here in Sydney!

I think Pete Murphy just might be currently giving our old friend Tim Bailey a good run for his money (certainly in the fashion department at least) for the “Most Embarrassing Weather Presenter on Australian TV” award this week! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: