Southern Cross Austereo (Regional)

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I think Classic Hits is little too skewed the other way. I think Greatest Hits is a better balance, given most markets are only 2-3 stations.


New music this week. Mark Ronson/Miley Cyrus Nothing Breaks Like A Heart and Sam Smith/Normani Dancing With A Stranger.

I kid you not.

Atrocity is too nice a term.


:man_facepalming:I swear the programmers of the regional M’s are taking the piss and want them to fail.


It’s happening. Revenue is on the decline. When your direct (still bulk of regional revenue) clients don’t like what they hear on their radio, changes are made.

It’s a failed format that fails in the one market it’s designed for: the Gold Coast.

Now that Guy’s gone, will those who cooked up this mess continue to be protected?

This should not be a choice, all markets should schedule their own music.

Perhaps they know they can get away with whatever they like as they’ve never been sacked for previous blunders.


They might as well rename the regional Triple M’s to Hit FM.


Yep, I know one company who is pulling their add off because because of the above.


I was listening to Triple M Central Queensland this morning between 10am and 12pm. I notice they played less newer music and was more rocker then usual. They played, Live - Lighting Crashes, Jets - Are You Gonna Be My Girl (The live version), Van Halen - Dreams, Goo Goo Dolls - Black Balloon and The Wallflowers - One Headlight and a lot more 70’s rock then they usually do.

Does anyone know if they have their own playlist between these times or is a format change coming?


What was it like during the other times of the day?


I don’t know mate, I didn’t listen. I will have a listen tomorrow.


Looking through the playlists, Triple M Central Queensland is on the network log.

Triple M in Newcastle & Hobart, as well as Gold 92.5 on the Gold Coast, are on their own separate logs.


Where did you get the logs from Mate?


So sources tell me there is the usual “operational review” underway across all facets of the company.

There’s no imminent change to formats, names, etc etc - but I believe the format is still being looked at carefully.

The 70s to Now log was replaced last year but 70s songs were moved into the 80s to Now format, which skewed ever so slightly older and moved broader.

The newer stuff like Mark Ronson and Miley Cyrus, Struts and Kesha is designed to block stations like Star, NewFM and Hot Tomato.


This is where people like myself go for Spotify or go to other stations online. The local listeners and advertisers are the biggest losers here.


If the feel shit format is not changing, it must of been their own logs on Triple M CQ this morning.


From this below, which covers almost every commercial radio station in Australia. Registration is required to use if you haven’t signed up yet.

Checking on all the other Triple M regional stations that carries the “Feels Good” format, the CQ station is the same as all the others, bar Gold Coast, Newcastle & Hobart.


I believe a lot at SCA want change but there are one or two who are putting a stop to this.

Probably a disgruntled employee who hates the current format and want to keep Triple M’s listeners happy.


Thanks mate.

I didn’t see Dreams or One Headlight on that log and there seemed to be more 70’s rock and less newer stuff played today. :man_shrugging:


According to Radioinfo, Seamus Evans will join Hit103.5 Cairns breakfast from March 4, alongside Carly Portch.


Triple M CQ 11am.


And fail miserably.

It hasn’t worked for years and won’t begin now.