Southern Cross Austereo (Regional)

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My guess: In 1983 5SE moved frequency from 1296 to 963 as part of a roll out of Radio National translator frequencies. 1305 was allocated in Renmark to 5RN, which presumably would cause interference. I presume FM was unavailable due to the local Renmark commercial tv station (RTS) being on Channel 5A.


Channel 5A would have had no impact on the provision of FM radio. There was a Channel 3 in the Riverland that the ABC used so no FM allowed on the lower part of the FM band. Neighbouring areas used Channel 4 so nothing in the middle either.

ABC Classic FM started in the Riverland on 105.1 in 1982 so they could have had RN on the high end of the FM band if they wanted to.


Totally off topic - why isn’t 5A used for digital (radio or telly). Whenever my telly scans, it begins at channel 6.


I think the Dept Of Defence wanted 5A for aviation communications.


The 963 frequency is close to the 981 frequency which 3HA Hamilton uses. Despite the distance of around 125km between Mt Gambier & Hamilton it’s almost impossible to receive 981 3HA clearly in Mt Gambier due to the interference of 963 Triple M & vice versa receiving 963 Triple M in Hamilton.


I do get the Griffith signal here north of shepparton pretty well.


5a was an Australian peculiarity - it wasn’t part of any recognised frequency band. The frequencies are also used by other services including radio astronomy. When digital came along, the decision was made to restrict TV to internationally recognised bands III, IV and at the time V.


Tom & Olly from the metro Triple M night show interviewed Triple M Townsville breakfast host Steve Price a short while ago about the flood situation up there.

He mentioned how he did a local breakfast shift yesterday and again last night from a local evacuation centre, and he stayed there because he wasn’t sure if he could get home.

He was back on air again again this morning.
He still sounded really good though.

You can see why he’s a legend up there.


Yep, what hope have the other radio stations got when you have a legend like Pricey on the radio. :sunglasses:


Just a shame they’ve decimated the music and heritage of the station…


Triple M albury this morning called themselves eltonfm this morning all the way til 6


I got told last week that a few of the regional Triple M’s will be dropping the feel good music format for a more friendly male music format… @Richo or someone else might be able to enlighten us on this.


That’s good news if it comes to fruition.

Hopefully it ends up being a network wide change.


I hope so :pray:. Plus they need to remove that horrible ‘We love our city , feel good music, Triple M sweeper. Expectedly at the time when KM is on and playing songs like Everlong by The Fooies. It just sounds so out of place.


Haven’t heard anything sorry mate.


Even on the Classic Hit Stations?


Well that depends exactly what the new format is, the Classic Hits log is preferable to the Feel Good log, but I preferred the Greatest Hits log to both.


I don’t understand why they dropped the 70’s to Now Greatest Hit format, it was rating well in those Triple M markets. The 70’s to Now GH format would of worked well were they they had the 80’s to Now Greatest Hit format as the 80’s to Now GH format was not rating well and it was a lot like the female skewed Feel Good music format they have now.


Management and the Gold Coast.

Its good to see its backfired on them.


I wonder whether it would’ve been better for Gold FM to take the Classic Hits log, rather than subject the rest of the network to a radio atrocity