Southern Cross Austereo (Regional)

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I agree, It drives me bonkers.


I agree, it’s very inconsistent in a market the size of Newcastle. Not good for sustaining an audience, but the lack of effective competition from 2HD and NEW is allowing them to get away with it to some extent.


With the woefully ineffective competition from 2HD/New FM, an inconsistent format and potential backlash over the KOFM > Triple M rebrand, I’d personally be willing to predict that ABC 1233 may become Newcastle’s #1 radio station in 2019.

Can we agree that local media in Newcastle is generally operated across all platforms as if it’s a considerably smaller sized market than it really is?


As well as possibly a rise in the “Other Stations” ratings, most of which would be towards 2NUR, as well as to Star 104.5 from the Central Coast & 2NM from Muswellbrook.

Not to mention the possibility of Rebel/Breeze eventually starting up their Great Lakes services from near Bulahdelah, which would provide a bit of signal overspill into Newcastle.


Looks like it will be Melbourne. Annabelle McNamara has been announced as the EP (also a producer on Carrie and Tommy) and is Melbourne based.


I think slotting in a sport show for an hour would be good, they did it before the Rush hour went back to just Sydney when MG took over. I though Ginnane was better but they were desperate to find MG a role.

I have no idea why they moved Stephens show earlier, makes no sense and it makes me wonder if the regionals will take NRL on a Thursday night now?

Accompany the mish mash with the poor music direction something needs to change, it’s getting beyond a joke.

It shouldn’t be networked on a Sunday morning, what happened to giving a local announcer a break.


91.9 Sea FM’s website has not been updated since Jess Eva left the station to join Triple M Sydney’s Moonman in the Morning. Has her replacement on Sea FM’s breakfast show been announced yet?

Regional Radio (non-SCA)

At risk of going OT, that’s only 1kw, and I imagine 94.1 will still be dominated here by Today’s Country which is 2kw from Gosford.

I think Breeze will be weakish on 93.1 here, not strong enough to take listeners off the local stations.


So have the stations formerly known as 2WG and 2RG had their programs combined into one output?

Is there MIA content sprinkled amongst the Riverina based content, enough to satisfy regulators?

If not, why do both stations ID as MMM Riverina?


2WG is Triple M Riverina. 2RG is Triple M Riverina MIA.

Both stations (alongside their hit Network counterparts) share a GM based out of the Wagga Wagga office, and local content in Griffith is limited to a weekday breakfast show.

In contrast, Wagga is live 6-9am and 12-4pm.


I’m guessing the 1152 Triple M Wagga AM signal is clearly receivable in Griffith & vice visa with 963 Triple M signal in Wagga Wagga.


Not really. Narrandera is the limit for both from my experience.


I have heard the Griffith station quite well in the Wagga Wagga CBD during the day. 5kw directional, plus flat terrain, it goes a long way. The Wagga Wagga station can be heard quite well in Leeton.


I received them here in Melbourne yesterday, 1152 was not very good reception wise however 963 was very clear.


So Griffith, once a very profitable newspaper, radio and TV market, especially so for the Gamble and other farming families who invested in radio in the 80’s onwards and MTN-9 has again suffered from SCA misunderstanding how to make revenue and therefore stripped the investment that creates revenue.

There’s some overlap but it’s community of interest that drives listening choice, Wagga people want Wagga info and ads, vice versa for Griffith and the MIA towns.

AM 963 is a heavily used freq, used in close succession, all with directional arrays: 4WK, 2RG, 5SE. Latter two are close in distance. Unsure why less used freqs further up the dial couldn’t have been used for one of the three.


That could have been 963 Triple M Mt Gambier not 963 Triple M Griffith that you received in Melbourne.


They both said Riverina though, So I’m thinking more Gtiffith.


Confirmation Shad Wicker has been fired.

I’ll say it again, 2GO. Just get Paddy Gerrard.


The interesting part is that 5SE used to be on 1296 until the early to mid 80s, don’t know why they got moved to 963 given its already crowded.


963 is also used for Triple M in Bunbury WA.