Songs lost to radio


I’ve said it before - Tay Tay and Ray Ray is not Triple M. Whoever came up with that idea of rebranding the regional stations with the Triple M brand should be shot.

In fact Tay Tay and Ray Ray should be a cartoon couple like Rocky and Bullwinkle. :laughing:


I hated that song. Can I blame you for introducing this to our collective ear drums? :laughing:


I can’t believe Expo 88 was 30 years ago… Now I feel old Karen_Cee


I heard “That Ain’t Bad” on Triple M Sydney an hour ago. What are the chances of that, after only posting yesterday that it never gets played on the radio. :stuck_out_tongue:


I’ve heard it plenty of times on Triple M in Melbourne, plus on a few of the regionals as well as Double J


That’s interesting to hear! This morning was the first time I’ve ever heard it being played on the radio.


First time I ever heard this song was via a cassette…

'Shadoe Stevens throbbing on the overnight power surge [yes, he was on mid-dawn shift] where you can hear Southern California’s fresh new music first… (oh yeah)… on Power 106…

loved it when radio announcers talked to the lyric.


Good song. They play it a lot on Absolute 80s.


I remember hearing this one on Stereo 10 back in 1987👍


“Every Little Thing” Jeff Lynne (ELO)


i just heard I could be so good to you by Dennis Waterman on hhh fm 100.1. I think you only hear on 2ca?


Heard this one on Gold 104.3 a couple of weeks ago down here in Melbourne on the Saturday Party Playlist.
Very good song.