Songs lost to radio


I’ve said it before - Tay Tay and Ray Ray is not Triple M. Whoever came up with that idea of rebranding the regional stations with the Triple M brand should be shot.

In fact Tay Tay and Ray Ray should be a cartoon couple like Rocky and Bullwinkle. :laughing:


I hated that song. Can I blame you for introducing this to our collective ear drums? :laughing:


I can’t believe Expo 88 was 30 years ago… Now I feel old Karen_Cee


I heard “That Ain’t Bad” on Triple M Sydney an hour ago. What are the chances of that, after only posting yesterday that it never gets played on the radio. :stuck_out_tongue:


I’ve heard it plenty of times on Triple M in Melbourne, plus on a few of the regionals as well as Double J


That’s interesting to hear! This morning was the first time I’ve ever heard it being played on the radio.


First time I ever heard this song was via a cassette…

'Shadoe Stevens throbbing on the overnight power surge [yes, he was on mid-dawn shift] where you can hear Southern California’s fresh new music first… (oh yeah)… on Power 106…

loved it when radio announcers talked to the lyric.


Good song. They play it a lot on Absolute 80s.


I remember hearing this one on Stereo 10 back in 1987👍


“Every Little Thing” Jeff Lynne (ELO)


i just heard I could be so good to you by Dennis Waterman on hhh fm 100.1. I think you only hear on 2ca?


Heard this one on Gold 104.3 a couple of weeks ago down here in Melbourne on the Saturday Party Playlist.
Very good song.


Oh L’amour by Erasure. Anyone heard this song before? This was on hhh fm.


Aaaaah yes, that was a favourite of mine back then.

The 12 inch version is great too.


Yes indeed. Erasure is very under played in this country


Runaway by Bon Jovi. Apparently the first hit for Bon Jovi. This is on SWR. This is why community radio is awesome. Its pretty rare to hear these hits like this on commercial radio.


I heard an Erasure song (“A Little Respect”) played today on WFMU (New York area community radio station).


Pink Floyd. Yep, they are well-known for being a famous rock group, but the only song of theirs anyone knows is “Another Brick In The Wall (Part 2)”. Their best-known album had one hit (“Money”), but it isn’t played often on the radio anymore. “Learning To Fly” was released as the lead single from their 1987 album and gained some success internationally but not in their hometown (the later singles and the Division Bell singles did).


Absolute rubbish.


It’s true that most radio stations only play this and “Money” but as with most 70s rock artists, PF made albums, not singles. PF constructed a narrative in each of their albums- each track but a mere cog in the machine of the whole. True fans appreciate this and will listen to the albums in full, not just individual tracks.

Sorry for the sermon :smiley:.