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Programming seen on SNOW shouldn’t contain any “restricted” content.

If that’s happenkng you’d have to assume there’s prior agreement, possibly for a one-off special event.



Calvert added: “There’s great energy and ambition at Sky News under Paul’s leadership, and I can’t wait to join him and the team. It’s going to be a huge year for news, and Sky News will be in the thick of it.”



This actually looks quite good.


Rita Panahi is to take up expanded role at Sky News.


Yuck. She’s a lunatic. Will fit right in there.


Apart from Rita’s expanded role at Sky News, Paul Murray will host 10 episodes of his nightly show in regional areas across Australia this year (first show in Toowoomba on February 20), while Chris Kenny will host three shows - Kenny on Sunday (returns on January 27), Kenny on Media (starts January 28) and The Kenny Report (starts February 11). Peter Gleeson will anchor The Front Page from next Monday (January 28), looking at the day’s headlines.


The weekly run down of this show:
Segment 1: Bash the ABC
Segment 2: Bag The SMH, Age and Guardian
Segment 3: Promote upcoming opinionpieces from news limited publications.


I have been watching Sky News UK since it became a full-time 24/7 Foxtel Channel last May. Much better than the Aussie version.


Here’s an example of one of Sky’s problems - too much duplication. Kenny’s going to be presenting three programs which appear to be virtually identical to each other content-wise…


You forgot another two…

Segment 4: Love-ins and praises for Abbott
Segment 5: Screaming over each other


It’s not a problem, it’s how news channels work.

Have you sat and watched BBC World News or CNN for several hours in a row? It’s the same stories with slightly tweaked intros or added value.

The same goes for talk content, they all cover the same basic subjects designed to appeal to their target audience and we know who Sky is targetting.

Nobody watches news channels for long periods except during live events or breaking news.

The average time spent viewing is around 18 minutes… repetition makes sense.


The types of repetition you’ve outlined has a logical basis behind it.

The type of repetition Sky is going to do (1 person presenting seemingly 3 identical programs) doesn’t make sense


3 shows, 3 different time slots, different days of the week… Bolt and Murray are on 5 days a week in the same time slot… no one worries about repetition there.

I just don’t think it makes a difference, particularly when the host obviously resonates with the audience…and he clearly does, or at least Sky management thinks he does.

Just to clarify, would it be better is they had different hosts? Yes of course. But the talent pool is reasonable small so I think the repetition is understandable if not desirable.


That’s different though - while both generally have the same ideological/political views, their shows are unique. It’s no different to what happens with Carlson/Hannity/Ingraham on Fox & Hayes/Maddow/O’Donnell on MSNBC


That’s true… but I’m sure you be watched the shows and there’s a remarkable number of topics and issues that come up again and again and again…


You mean a bit like an echo chamber?


This is how Sky News Australia presents Sky News UK programming on their main channel:

What a fucking mess.

There are a hundred ways they could do this so much better. Cut the top off and move the picture up? Pillarbox? Reduce or remove the local ticker, or at least the black scrolling part?

Imagine if CNN International presented US programs this way. It just wouldn’t happen.

Speaks volumes about the level of quality control at ANC.


ESPN (both the Australian & US versions) does a better job at accommodating their graphics/commercials around their Bottomline than Sky does


They used to have the picture moved up so just the ticker was covered but I guess after launching a full time channel for it they just don’t care anymore.