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The new Canberra set is bigger than the current Melbourne set.


Interesting… I have no time for Rowan Dean and many of the “facts” he puts out on Outsiders and I don’t necessarily agree with his stand on Sleeping Giants… but, if his views are being. maliciously misrepresented on social media then he is right to pursue the people involved if that’s possible.

Dean should be condemned for what he actually says and there’s more than enough to criticise.

His critics undermine their own arguments if they’re caught manipulating what he says.


Tom Connell’s standing presentation is a bit casual.


i’m watching Shari Markson and as a presenter she’s absolutely useless. seems like she can’t string a sentence together


I think that’s a little harsh… I’m watching too.

Her presenting skills could do with some polish but she’s certainly putting together an interesting and well constructed narrative regardless of whether you agree or not.

Sharri is a senior, award winning journalist who breaks stories. You don’t hire her because she’s a pro at reading the auto cue. Provided she’s reasonably competent, and she is, you put her on air for the stories she can tell.


i’ll have to respectfully disagree. she seems to speak before thinking and therefore needs to pause to let her mind catch up. the whole diatribe against the anti-corruption commission was stilted and it really affected her argument


Fair enough… I don’t disagree about the polish but I thought what she said was interesting enough to make up for any shortcomings.


Murray stooping to new levels tonight… calling “that Sheila” Julia Banks “a rat… a terrorist”. This guy is has some severe issues if that’s the type of language he uses on the public airways. His tone of Language and use of colloquialisms and slang is just pathetic.


Cue the complaints on social media in 5…4…3…2…


No matter what people think of him (agree or not), that kind of language is unacceptable and should be criticized.


He then goes on to call her a suicide bomber. And how sad it is “for those of us who saw hope and achievement in this government”. :joy: the guy is delusional and probably should get his head read. Somewhat unstable.


I completely agree. Surely it can’t be overly long before Paul Murray is sacked by Sky News after saying something he shouldn’t?

Regardless of where you are on the political spectrum, that kind of language (if cmo’s comment’s are anything to go by) has no place on television IMO!


I wasn’t paraphrasing. He actually called her a terrorist, a rat and a suicide bomber for what she has done to the liberal party.

There is no pretense tonight… no token lefty. The panel is all right wing crazies… Barnaby Joyce, Rowan Dean and Garry Hardgraves.

Also quite irritating is Murray’s limited use of the English language he keeps switching to different commentators by saying “it’s this thing where…” where he attempts to direct the conversation and opinion to agree with his own views.

Rowan Dean is arguing for a “climate election” where the left can have renewables and the liberals and the right pull out of Paris and he thinks the right would win in such a contest. :roll_eyes:


The average Joe couldn’t give a dam about it. Only the ones that are truly invested in politics.


Tell that to Rowan and the other right wingers. You can also tell him his obsession with gender fluidity is a niche fringe issue. Why are the right wing nut jobs so obsessed with sex and sexuality of others? It’s just plain weird and bizarre.


The stupid thing about the metaphor is that she’s not blowing herself up, quite the opposite.

She was the only politician to take a seat from Labour at the last election, despite having no extra support from the Victorian Liberal party. With her raised profile, she’d probably be able to retain her seat and will likely outlast many of her fellow backbenchers who backed the leadership spill.

At least think your metaphors through to see if they make sense.

Barnaby Joyce clearly wasn’t comfortable with Paul Murray’s monologue either.


Exactly - if she really wanted to do serious damage to the government, she wouldn’t have pledge to give them confidence and supply


My initial thought was that you were making that up… but then I realised it’s Sky News where such vile commentary can get you a promotion.


A little context on the terrorist comment… I think (happy to be corrected) that Paul was using a term that has been used in recent days by “left wingers” to describe their friends on the right.

I’m not making a case justifying its use. If both sides are using it then a pox on both their houses… it’s grandstanding designed to attract attention.

Paul has a tendency to indulge in hyperbole and to be long winded at the same time… it’s not a good look and worse it’s not effective.

The panel tonight was pretty awful… 3 crazies and Paul… ok 4 crazies…

But an earlier comment, since deleted was actually spot on… there are crazies on both sides of politics with the vast majority of Australian stuck in the centre, looking on somewhat bemused.


I count two token lefties on Paul Murray tonight. Must be making up for last night.