Sky News


Pretty much.

The level of condescension is astounding he keeps saying “it’s this thing where…” a common refrain when trying to dumb down or force a particular point of view.

The asshole also sits there and just says blatantly to vote liberal. Claims it’s an opinion show! Yes but we don’t want his vile opinion. Let the guests give their opinion and the host moderates the show.


It all gets a bit much doesn’t it. If one of the other networks went for the same dialogue, they’d be chastised for being biased.


I should say, if another network was being pro labor in the way he is.


Ha! Thought exactly the same thing.


I find these attacks on people’s appearance to be tacky and contemptible.
And frankly it undermines any reasonable point that might be made.

Yes, it is TV and look and style are a factor but there’s a way to address that without spewing a mouthful of bile.

And yes there is plenty about Sky News after dark to critique.

But these constant personal attacks say more about the people launching them than the subject.

And if these type of comments were being made about a woman I bet the people saying these things about Paul Murray would be the first to be outraged.


Calm down!


I could say the same about people frothing at the mouth about someone’s appearance which really doesn’t matter unless there’s some sort of attraction.

But at the end of the day, people just shouldn’t be arseholes… I think that’s something we can all agree on… unless you are an arsehole? You’re not are you? I’m sure you’re not :thinking:


You shouldn’t compare Paul murry to what woman find disrespectful.

Murray is fair game…,in my opinion


Especially when you hear the appalling things he has to say about people.


At least it’s now officially confirmed. For context, Murray said the comments during an ad-break which didn’t get edited out of a episode of the podcast for his show


Numerous issues on Sky News election night for Victoria Votes. They were off air for nearly ten mins around half an hour into the broadcast and had to show ads and network promos. Technical issues with packages by Ahron Young - signal cut out when crossing to Alan Jones in Sydney - graphics showing 0% of votes counted despite being 90 minutes into
the broadcast. Kieran Gilbert who was LIVE in the Sky News office lost his signal. Absolute shambles.


They’ll be a full on meltdown tomorrow on sky beginning with outsiders and the Paul Murray will be ranting tomorrow night at the Liberal loss.

What this shows that their endless quest to move things to the extreme right will be rejected by voters.


What the hell are they doing down there


I believe presentation was being done out of Canberra tonight?


Unfortunately these things happen… it’s not great but computer systems crash and everyone scrambles to fix it.

The Jones cross failure was a LiveU loss of signal… again not great but it happens.

And yes, the set was in the new studio in Canberra


My point was more about why they chose to cross to Alan Jones during coverage of a Victorian election

Also interested to hear them use the Canberra set. Is their Melbourne studio still that small set somewhere in the Herald Sun building? I presume(d) they wouldn’t be able to do pres from there


Ah ok… Jones is a network personality who’s known to have an opinion or two or three and they were wheeling them all out tonight.

As for Canberra, I’m guessing that they were framing their coverage to offer a national perspective, explaining the federal implications etc etc… and yeah the Melbourne studio isn’t as versatile (or as big) as Canberra.


They moved from there a while ago now. In an office building along the river. Shared with MCN.


Murray will be having his meltdown tonight. Living in denial. Claiming that labor was always in front etc etc. there’s some liberal person on there saying it’s all labors fault that liberals lost because they lied and bring up things from the past.

They think that railing against fringe issues like safe schools, crime and denying climate change will get these conservatives over the line.

Some more observations:

  • Murray almost cried when the only lefty on the panel said that “Scott Morrison isn’t very bright”. He was clearly peturbed and took her to task. She stood by her comments. Murray was not happy.

  • predictably he is whinging about the demotion of Jim Molan on the senate ticket in Nsw.

  • he has refused to articulate or admit that the lurch to the right is the reason why the liberals are losing.


Free speech advocate Rowan Dean has threatened legal action against social media activists Sleeping Giants if they defame him again and has threatened to sue anyone else on social media who posts anything he considers defamatory.