Sky News


So bloody good. However, if Laura Jayes isn’t in Canberra, why does she have a Parliament House backdrop? That’s kinda confusing because she should be on the Canberra set if in Canberra.
Nonetheless, a high quality set. Well done Sky.


Looks good and nicer than Sydney.


The 2017 set is nice but the 2016 set which is opposite looks horrible.


Kelly could lose preselection at the next election.


Has anyone heard this bloke? He’s fucking weird. Spouts our all this conspiracy theory rubbish. Lies and lies and lies. It’s really bizarre stuff. He’s a squirming pig. Hopefully he loses preselection.


Any surprises knowing it’s Sky?


What conspiracy rubbish.


For once I agree with you cmo.



Sky News Perth got a new set recently, I’ve been trying to post caps but I was struggling to find full set shots.


But you never get to see the full set. It’s always just a head shot.


They really need to start doing panning shots to and from breaks. The camerawork at present is so dull.


That’s Automation i’m afraid. Even the ABC’s Studio Camerawork is shocking at times.


The problem at Sky isn’t so much the automation, although that can be a factor, it’s that the robotics on the cameras are stuffed.

They have to be manually placed and then basically left for fear they’ll fail completely.

There are grid cams which can be programmed to zoom but it’s fairly limited.

With proper robotics and creative programming automation can offer a lot more than we’re seeing at the moment.





Paul Murray in Melbourne tonight for the post forum analysis and he looks like even more of a blamonge than normal as he has no desk to hide behind.

He’s just pushing Matthew Guy the whole showS bagging Daniel Andrews without providing any insight whatsoever. It’s so fucked. Ridiculous really. Murray is the most inauthentic, uninformed Neanderthal.


If there is any consolation, the panel is pretty balanced for a change.


Yeah I note two labor people. But fuck me dead Murray is vile, kitch, cringeworthy and take no pride in his appearance. He’s far from credible.


he’s taking lessons from Rowan Dean?