Sky News


How about they just reinstate a straight news bulletin. And maybe provide us with non opinion based topics.


I’m sure some people will disagree with me, but less of Andrew Bolt in Australia’s media landscape will be a good thing IMO.

Political opinions aside, he’s never been that great on TV or radio from what I’ve seen.

What’s that hard right teenager Caleb Bond doing in broadcast media at the moment? Aside from whatever columns he’s been doing in the Adelaide Advertiser or other News Corp papers, I could really imagine Caleb having talkback radio (he’d probably be a decent successor to Alan Jones on 2GB when the time comes) or a Sky News opinion program as a future ambition.

That’d be great (especially having NewsNight on in an earlier timeslot that midnight like they used to), but I highly doubt it’ll happen.


Sky debuting a new studio today, replacing the Skyline set I think. Looks partially virtual from what I can see from my hotel room.


It’s not… it’s a very big video wall… same concept as the Sky News Business/Your Money set.


It’s the new Canberra set.


One of the best sets they’ve had in years.

A crucial component of the new studio will be the return of election nights being hosted out of Canberra, with the desk capable of sitting six people and six cameras to capture the action.

“That used to be the tradition decades ago for all networks. It is no longer. But this is our nation’s capital, this is the heartbeat of our political life and this is where it should be,” Speers said.


Looks great. Let’s hope they don’t ruin it with bad background graphics.

So, when is Sky finally going to invest in nice on screen graphics and better openers, etc.


So where is this studio in Canberra based?


Parliament… either a part of or adjacent to the NewsCorp bureau


Hopefully the cameras have been upgraded to HD down there in Canberra because the picture quality out of there is shit.


Here’s some caps of the new Canberra studio from this morning


Decent set for Canberra, looks huge. What was the previous set like that they were using?


Wow, even the chairs look fancy. Well done Sky!


Actually a pretty solid set. The reflection off the desk would annoy me though


I wasn’t aware that Parliament House had large studio faculties for presentations like this.


I agree. The reflection in the desk makes the setup seem very messy.

Very good set otherwise. If only the graphics were this good!


There’s been some movement across the News Corp and Sky News offices to free up the room.


With the rationalisation of news bureaus at parliament house over the past few years, including Fairfax merging the SMH and Age into one, Macquarie radio and Fairfax radio merging, I’m guessing that space had become available for those who wanted to get bigger?


News organisations rent space and use it as they like.

Some of those spaces are quite large. It was allocated when most companies had a much larger presence in Canberra. Over the years comsolidstion and new technology has meant the space needed has declined but no one has surrendered their allocations. That’s why Sky has been stuck in such a small space for so long.

NewsCorp had some spare space or found some and the new studio was built .


Tom Connell was presenting Live Now from the old studio which suggests that has been kept in place (in the Sky Newsroom) for live crosses.