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Is there any realistic punishment for Sky News on WIN breaching free TV codes if ACMA were to find them guilty of something? Typically when ACMA finds someone in breach, nothing practical actually happens, and the network just “vows to to better and update practices, blah blah.”


The Free to Air code and the Astra code are almost identical. It’s unlikely anything they’re doing breaches specific standards.

However, where there is a difference is in day parts. The FTA code mandates zones of the day where certain content is not allowed. That doesn’t apply to subscription TV.

If Sky on WIN gets into trouble that’s where it will be.

As to whether ACMA can or will do anything, that’s another story.



What happened?


Worth pointing out that this aired both on Sky News and Sky News on WIN - would make for an interesting test case for ACMA et. al.


In the SMH:


According to someone I know who did see the show (I’d link the tweet in full here but since it’s from a locked account, I’ll refrain from doing so), Ross was apparently “half p*ssed after having wine before he went on air” on Tuesday night. Make of that what you will.

Sky News made the right decision to terminate Ross Cameron’s contract judging by those comments although if you ask me, they really should’ve done that on Wednesday morning!

I wonder if Ross will now join Mark Lathams Outsiders (if he’s still doing that)? Either way, he won’t be a massive loss to the mainstream Australian media landscape IMO!


Surely that alone is a sackable offence let alone the rest of it


I agree.

When Mike Willesee infamously presented A Current Affair while intoxicated about 30 years ago, didn’t he have to call in sick the next day? His media career didn’t suffer too badly (especially remembering that he got to host the show again in 1993!), although at the same time I don’t think Willesee made any racist comments during that broadcast.

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Get rid of the absolutely disgusting Rowan Dean as well, what a pissant.


who thinks he knows more about climate change than actual PhD holders.

the after dark crap is dragging some great journos like Laura Jayes and the daytime guys down as well. they either need to go full fox news or get rid of the evening nuffies.


Call me cynical but I can’t help but think something else was at play here.

The comments were so crude and without any sort of intellectual substance you’d have to think there was some sort of agenda. He just isn’t that dumb.

Or maybe he is.

Anyway, his departure is not before time… now the other one just has to go and the show cancelled.


:thinking: That one.


Ross has just turned up on 2GB with John Stanley to discuss his sacking.

Paraphrasing, he says he was arguing that people and governments shouldn’t be worried or concerned about China or see it as an adversary, but he spoke poorly and apologises to anyone who was offended. He also says he deliberately used the stereotype.

Even as someone who was a fan of Ross & Rowan’s show, I’m quite confused. I wondered if having them fill five nights a week might be too much for them to avoid saying something to get sacked.

Ross also noted he supports Sky News’ right to hire and fire as they see fit, and enjoyed his time working there.

It sounds like he doesn’t think he did anything wrong, but will accept Sky’s decision.


Audio here:

Part 2:


Well that’s good news. One fuckwit gone.

When will they sack Rowan Dean. Not only are his opinions repugnant but his appearance is vile. He can’t even dress himself properly.

Then they can sack Murray , Jones and Bolt and they will start to resemble a reputable news organization.


And that’s the clincher. Sure, he’s honest enough to admit his racism rather than pretending to be ignorant of it, but that’s no less deplorable


Andrew Bolt hints that he is going to cut back on his work load, with a major announcement due soon. From his News column on Saturday:

As he links Sky to his forthcoming announcement, it appears that his announcement will relate to his appearances on Sky (and perhaps his nightly show on Macquarie radio?) rather than his News columns.


Bolt Report down to a weekly slot again ala-Channel Ten days?

I suspect Sky After Dark will soon be just Paul Murray yelling into an empty room for 6 hours a night, which must be especially enthralling viewing for regional viewers who don’t have to pay for the privilege