Sky News


I meant the people in the western suburbs who lap up this shit.


Sky was airing ads attacking Kerryn Phelps yesterday so they must expect some people in the Wentworth electorate to be watching.


That’s interesting. While the spots are probably part of a multi-channel platform buy (via MCN), it’s not inconceivable that the agency has targeted Sky specifically, if they have it’s a bit weird because you’d think potential Phelps voters aren’t likely to be watching Sky News, unless it was during the day.


Big Crowd at the Dubbo RSL for Paul Murray Live.


Yes, it was in the afternoon. I don’t watch the Gremlins.


Keep in mind that a lot of political leaders, observers and business leaders watch Sky. Ads like that likely play to demonstrate to ‘people in power’ that the Libs are fighting hard - they aren’t necessarily trying to reach voters themselves. A lot of political ads run on Sky that don’t get wide play elsewhere, I suspect, for that reason.


Fewer and fewer because of the after dark trolls.


During the day Sky acts as wallpaper in parliaments and C-suites. So ads on Sky don’t reach the masses, but they do likely reach people in power. Doesn’t help Coles promote the weekly specials, but for political or social issue messages, there are few better places to advertise I would think.


Just checked the SNOW ratings on Mediaweek.

Over the last week it didn’t crack 1% once. At its closest it was about 0.3% behind ABC News, at its worst it was a full percent behind.


Nothing new there. ABC is a bigger brand and has far bigger reach. Sky is well ahead of most subscription channels, except sport and the flagships (FOX8, TVHITS, and so on).


Kyle, is that you?


Just curious - FSN is currently showing an NBL match between Perth and Brisbane. Considering SNOW simulcasts FSN pretty much all day Saturday, is the channel also showing that match or is it airing other programming?


Katelyn Barry currently presenting FSN is on ch83.


They are still showing FSN, I am unsure if its still live or repeated as I was not watching prior to NBL being shown on 500


And it’s now Tom someone presenting. I believe it is live given first item was a cross to Mark Gottelieb interviewing drivers at the Supercars event on the Gold Coast.


Possibly a rights issues as well as a programming decision.

Fox Sports would likely be paying only for the subscription TV rights, therefore are not entitled to show the coverage on FTA.


I watched FSN 500 through the playback feature on the IQ4 and they switched to a commercial break half way through a NFL story before the NBL started with no sign off. It is so strange that FSN made no mention that NBL was coming up next on Foxtel and made no reference to how you could continue to watch FSN through Fox Sports website/App or SNOW


As in the one that used to be at Southern Cross News? I wondered where she’d gone to!


Just a correction FS website and App are also streaming NBL instead of FSN so the only way to watch FSN at the moment is through SNOW


Yes, the rather attractive Katelyn went to Sky.