Sky News


I hope that wasn’t aimed at me :zipper_mouth_face::grinning:


Lucky we have some RWNJs to balance it out.


So you will be watching her show then.:sweat_smile:


Thanks, left wing nut job.


At least you’ve confirmed what we’ve always suspected. Only a RWNJ would take offence to that and lash out.


Great lack of self-awareness there. So my saying LWNJ is “lashing out”. But you saying RWNJ isn’t. And who says I “took offence”? You.


:roll_eyes: I wasn’t commenting on anyone in particular.

I just said there is a balance of comments on this thread. You’re the one that made it a personal attack.


So let me get this right? You saying there are RWNJs here in our group is fine. But me saying you are a LWNJ is an “attack”?


The use of ‘Nutjob’ by both of you suggests a broad, collective personal attack.


You can attack me if you like. It’s a free country. For now. :joy:


Knock it off, you’re both nut jobs in my eyes. Move on.


Nothing wrong with s biased slant, but the quality of presentation is open for debate.


I don’t mind the occasional nut job… oh wait we’re talking about something else aren’t we? :thinking::sunglasses:


Such an appropriate profile picture you have there


Look what’s happening - NewsCorp get their hands on Sky and now they’re calling the shots.
Perrett Out - Oustisders In.
Markson gets her own show.
Gleeson has his own show.
Bolt has his own show.
Kenny has his own show.
It’s being inundated. Feel sorry for the decent journos who’ll be shown the door next.


I still think its staggering that Peta Credlin, someone with mediocre presenting skills and little to no voice coaching presents Sky’s 6pm ‘Bulletin’ on weekdays.


That’s a fair point… but (you knew that was coming), regardless of her politics she does offer an insiders point of view. Peta is without doubt well connected and has a lot to offer.

As for presenting skills, they’re getting better and she’s not unwatchable. When you bring in people like Peta you have to expect a less than stellar performance at first. You’re not hiring them for their anchoring ability.

6PM is a difficult slot for Sky, they’re up against the powerhouse news bulletins of 7 and 9. The best strategy is to counter program. They’ve done that and it’s worked. Credlin performs better than anything that came before.


She’s been a fill-in presenter for Whiskey Bolt when he’s probably had a bit too much.


I don’t think it’s staggering at all. It’s just common sense on the part of Sky. And by common sense, I mean more “common cents”, good capitalist business sense. It’s a gap in the market. Obviously there’s an audience for someone who is authentic, not just an autocue-reader (autocutie), and someone who very much brings their personality and experience to the program. It would be stupid of Sky to go back to robotic presenters now.


I’d welcome actual robot presenters. At least when they malfunction it’d be entertaining television.