Sky News

It really hurts when that is a better option than whatever tripe Sky always comes up with.

Rita, Rowan, Kenny, Murray, Bolt, Credlin, Markson. Same old washed up hacks.

As someone who only rarely gets exposed to Sky News, I am genuinely interested to know what is any discernible difference between any of these? I get the feeling they are all just the same foghorns just with varying tone. They all seem to squawk the same messages: Labor bad, ABC bad, Meghan Markle bad, woke bad, rinse and repeat. Am just interested to know if any actually have some genuine insightful commentary rather than just lecturing at the viewer the same merry-go-round of topics.


Some are a bit more rabid than others (i.e. Murray), a few act like 4 year olds (Outsiders group) and some are just ranting old men in denial (Bolt). Apart from that, hardly any differences.


But will people tune in at 11pm to watch? I think another hour of news would be suffice

I mean obviously people agree with their politics, but you can’t really say most of them are good TV presenters.

Chris Kenny supported The Voice to Parliament whilst the others didn’t.

yes i remember that. A very isolated difference in opinion from what I gather.

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They’re also not good and decent people. They’re are horrendous human beings with no empathy of others.

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Come on, this is ridiculous.

People with different political views are horrendous not decent human beings?

How do you know how they live their lives. Their morals, how they treat friends family neighbours colleagues etc.

Zero tolerance for others views. If we had one side only of politics the world would be a mess. We need both side


If you get a chance to have a look at some of what they’ve said about the likes of the PM, ABC, wokeness and more, you’ll see what he means.

It’s not political analysis with a hint of bias ala Peter van Onselen, some of the content is bordering on bullying stemming from their intolerance of other ideologies (and before anyone mentions it, don’t get me started on the token lefties they have on for their false pretence of ‘balance’).


To this point. I am reliably informed that one of Sky’s main presenters (I won’t say who) is one of the kindest people you’d meet and treats their staff/producers with nothing but respect. A genuinely good person who goes above and beyond in caring for their on-air team. If only everyone in the media treated their colleagues like this individual.

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it’s the media’s job to pick apart the elected officials. it’s not something 7 and 9 are gonna do. ABC is not above being picked apart and nor is any govt or private org.

there are crazies on the left and crazies on the right. sky is a for profit org. anyone on the left is free to set up a left leaning news channel ripping apart the right and sky.

and i’d be all for it


Not saying they shouldn’t. The way some of them carry on about it goes beyond reasonable criticism and veers into the arena of personal attacks at certain figures and groups for following different political ideas.

They don’t really do a decent job at ‘analysing and dissecting’. Instead the best of their analysis is calling ‘X is a shonk’, ‘go woke go broke’ etc.

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Yea i agree with all of that. But it’s kinda in their remit. That is their job. TV shock jocks. That brings in the views clicks engagement etc. That’s what they are paid too do. They’d be out of a job if they didn’t whip things up.

I just don’t think this makes people horrendous human beings.


It’s not this. It’s the hatred they spew, the name-calling, the belittling and the bullying. The language they use is inflammatory and down right disgusting. It’s pretty much abusive. The fact is they actually don’t have tolerance for other views. This is what characterizes them. They actually do not demonstrate any tolerance for others or empathy for others.

There’s plenty of sensible centre right views out there but you can’t find it on sky with those people.


Not to mention the gross double standards. Liberals can do no wrong ever, everything is rosey despite the absolute state of their years in government, but someone from Labor coughs and you’d think it was the end of the world or some sort of conspiracy.


Your wish has been granted.

100% the case with their After Dark opinion shows, but their daytime news and analysis is far more balanced


Defend the side, never the truth. This is why I barely get involved with politics now. It’s a race to the bottom.

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