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Pretty funny how the ABC has a Doco airing on the exact same night also about AI. lol


All US culture war bullshit on their YouTube. Most of their engagement would be US audiences.


Chris Willis is finishing up as Sky News’s Head of News this week after five years in the role. He was farewelled by colleagues in the newsroom last week. Willis, whose career spans five decades, will launch a strategic consultancy and mentoring firm with former Seven News director Terry Plane, according to The Sunday Telegraph’s Annette Sharp.

Willis’ current deputy, Elise Holman, has been promoted to Head of News.


Former Ticker News reporter Holly Stearnes now reporting for Sky News


GB News are copying that now. There’s a ‘GBN America’ section on their YouTube channel.

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What a mess of font styles.


Wouldn’t be advertising that tbh

there is a lot broken with Sky News but that’s usually just around the opinionated After Dark crowd. Probably not fair to tar regular day to day reporters with the same brush.


Simon Love among others say otherwise

Say what exactly?

They’re crazys, just not as extreme as the after dark crackdealers

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Doesn’t help that the number of options for work in Broadcast Journalism seems to be contracting on a fairly regular basis either


Would you paint someone like Matt Cunningham who’s been following both sides of the Voice campaign with the same brush or people like Kieran Gilbert or Andrew Clennell who give a hard time to both sides?

You need to watch more if you think everyone is on the same political spectrum as Rita Panahi and Rowan Dean. A number of hosts have been pushing a Yes to Voice opinion, but that usually gets conveniently forgotten.

Last Sunday Adam Bandt came on as a guest on Sunday Agenda and Anthony Albanese is a regular on Afternoon Agenda. Now tell me why these left wing politicians would come on a channel with “crazies”?


Because the whackos in QLD and old people out bush watch it

Former Ticker News, ABC News Breakfast and Today reporter Jack Nyhof moving to New Zealand to become an international correspondent for Sky