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Yes, him taking his show to regional pubs works well for him, because most of what he says is what drunk boomers mumble between eachother at the bar.


Let’s not judge the show by its content? :smile:


Hear Hear


Friendlyjordies does that too - in fact, last year he did an excellent feature-length documentary about water corruption in the regions - but I don’t see you praising him every five seconds. Probably because he doesn’t support the right party.

On what are we supposed to base our opinions on him, if not the content of his program (which is typically boorish ranting about how evil Labor and the Greens are)?!


Let’s be real though, he only goes there because they sing the same tune politically. Conversely, if rural people held political views that equates to ‘inner city left wokeness’ he wouldn’t go anywhere near them.


No, he clearly goes there because he has a heartwarming respect for regional Australia which few acknowledge. Just like how Kochie does Sunrise from London because he has a special place in his heart for the British.

If only people respected Paul Murray for the small things he does, rather than the big things he shouts constantly every night.



I remember at the last Queensland election , when Paul repeatedly referred to Premier Palaszczuk as a piece of shit on his toilet. He would then describe how he was going to use Domestics to clean her out of his toilet bowl.

It was genuine misogynistic abuse aimed at an elected leader. It was appalling.

I did, however, appreciate that he repeated this abuse in every regional Queensland town he visited, where he encouraged the crowd to cheer him on and applaud every time he hurled abuse at the premier. I realised that he loved spreading this hatred, not just in the city, but also in smaller towns. His heartwarming respect for regional Australia was obvious, as was his unbridled hatred of women on the left side of politics.

Good on Paul for spewing hate, anger, hostility and division in both the large cities and smaller towns.

His caravan of hate may have rolled around half of Queensland but when the voters spoke at the last few elections, it was obvious that Paul has little political clout, either in Queensland or nationally. He’s just the overweight, abusive bully in the pub who has delusions of adequacy and a filthy mouth.


Peter Ford said on radio today Piers is going on 6 weeks holidays. Any word on what Sky is planning to do with the slot?

This is an accurate and excellent post.


The show will continue with a guest host

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Sky News will be a laughing stock if they dare try to air a 16 hour edition of Piers Morgan’s show tonight given what is happening in the UK.


Surely they can’t have a guest host doing UK a news at 9pm every night.

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Paul Murray staying on tonight.

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He’ll have to do it again tonight.

Paul Murray doesn’t air Friday nights.

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Anyone know how to access future guides to see what they’re doing when Piers goes on leave?

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I use the Foxtel online guide website. I think you should check the updated guide next Monday night to see if any guest presenters are listed.

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Big get for ‘Erin’. Erin Molan interviewing her father. Never seen this show before but christ.


Going all out with that one

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