Sky News on WIN


Worth noting that the ratings for SNOW have collapsed this year. So far the numbers are running at the same level of NITV and at about 1/10th of ABCNews.


Are the headline acts- Paul Murray, Credlin, Jones, Bolt and co- back on air yet?


Hardly surprising but good to see everyone ignoring them screaming pricks at night.


Andrew Bolt returns Monday January 28, so I assume Murray, Jones & Credlin are back the same week.


I know right… Graham Richardson, Nicholas Reece & Dee Madigan just don’t shut up!


That must be Fox Sports News that is failing them because the “screaming pricks at night” have yet to return


Prime time schedule is:
6pm Gleeso
8pm FSN
6pm FSN
I assume numbers will pick up again when the white noise returns.