Sky News on WIN


Worth noting that the ratings for SNOW have collapsed this year. So far the numbers are running at the same level of NITV and at about 1/10th of ABCNews.


Are the headline acts- Paul Murray, Credlin, Jones, Bolt and co- back on air yet?


Hardly surprising but good to see everyone ignoring them screaming pricks at night.


Andrew Bolt returns Monday January 28, so I assume Murray, Jones & Credlin are back the same week.


I know right… Graham Richardson, Nicholas Reece & Dee Madigan just don’t shut up!


That must be Fox Sports News that is failing them because the “screaming pricks at night” have yet to return


Prime time schedule is:
6pm Gleeso
8pm FSN
6pm FSN
I assume numbers will pick up again when the white noise returns.




Promo loop:

All Australian promos:


Oh YEAH guys that groovy rock makes me want to WATCH SOME NEWS!!!



Another AAN promo:



Are they using a new voice over guy?
That’s not Lofty.


I thought it sounded like Pete Smith.
Here is todays lineup:


Although it’s not Pete Smith, the new voice of Sky News on WIN lineups definitely sounds familiar to my ears but I can’t quite remember from where!


Does this lineup feature on Foxtel Sky News or only on SNOW as it does not mention Fox Sports News.

Come to think of it I have not seen any promotion of FSN on SNOW.


That is the Sky News 600 line up
They used to feature an hour of FSN at 10pm but that seems to have gone.


The 10pm hour of FSN is still there, for some reason they aren’t advertising it. Sun-Thu it’s the last 30 mins of Bill & Biz, which I find to be about the only thing worth watching on this channel.


SNOW beat ABC News 24 last night in the East Coast markets.

SNOW rates alright on some nights but then bombs on others. Would be good for them to try to fix that.


Would be good if they actually showed some proper news on the channel that has the word “News” in the name!


Wouldn’t call 11 hours of 24 weekdays most of the day.