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I’d say quite a few people aren’t interested in having their future careers tarnished by the drongos on after dark at Sky and the brand damage they’ve done.


The amount of on-air and off-air talent (well over half a dozen, with some moving to the ABC and a couple of others in political advisory-type roles) which has fled Sky Opinion News Australia this decade is breathtaking.

Not sure about everyone else, but I’d almost prefer to be working in regional news than Sky if I was a broadcast journalist!


Indeed… but the nature of this discussion was the number of staff leaving FSN… and that had more to do with changed work practices than Sky News “taint”

As far as careers are concerned there is perhaps an element of stigma in the wider community but the hirers and firers in Australian media know talent when they see it and aren’t put off by perceptions.


The number of staff leaving has been a concern but it’s not for the reasons you think.

It’s got little to do with the perceived right wing nature of the channel and more to do with lifestyle. Younger people in particular aren’t thrilled with the sausage factory nature of the job, all news channels operate this way.

Sky has given a lot of people their start, that’s the way it is and that’s the way it will stay.

And it’s not better to be in regional TV… at Sky, network bosses can see you or your work on a daily basis.


ANC almost exclusively use Video Journalists meaning a lot of FSN reporters were required to upskill. VJs aren’t all bad (see SBS Dateline) but some of the shots that come through are amateur at best.


Point is - good people have left. If everything was fine, they wouldn’t. Paul Gregg quit recently - months after his 2IC Andrew McKinlay left the to rejoin channel ten, after 7 years at FSN.


Absolutely, the decision to deploy VJs should be done on a case by case basis where circumstances make it appropriate… plus where they are used there should be adequate training.


Of course people leave… younger people in particular want to travel, try different things and when opportunity calls they’ll take it.

I never said there weren’t issues. But it’s too easy to trot out the old “everything sky news touches turns to shit” arguement.

And if you’d read my post, you’d have noted where while acknowledging under resourcing I also gave you the real source of the problem; newscorp.

It’s also worth bearing in mind FSN had no interest in running a sports news channel… they wanted to close it.


Near the bottom of the article you can see some of the ratings fro SNOW programs. (Please don’t re-post thanks).

There is a possible audience reach of 7.813 million. Even though, unlike the Sky News channel, the programs are free-to-air, the audience figures so far suggest there is much work to be done bringing to the bush the kind of anti-migrant and climate change denial arguments that have so destabilised the Coalition government.


All Australian News promo (this is an old version that played on WIN years ago):

Promo loop:


On another note, they’ve been showing shorter 15(?) second versions as idents since launch.


New promo ending with Australia’s Election Channel:


Election channel where they didn’t show the recent Vic Election (maybe they did in Vic)? Hahahaha


A Know It All wrote that that is what happened.


My poiny is, for a channel that prides themselves on covering elections you would think theyd pump their coverage out nationwide!


It’s ironic that SNOW would air a promo whereby 95% of the things shown probably haven’t been covered on the channel itself…


Everytime I watch this channel, they only show FOX Sports News.


I’ve just looked on my epg.
If I go Wed 9/1-Tue 15/1 there are:
Fox Sports News 110.5hrs (includes 45 hrs Sat/Sun)
Sky News 34 hrs (includes 13hrs overnight of encores)
Headline News 12.5hrs (weekdays 6-8.30am)
Sky News Weather 6hrs (daily 5-5.30am and 8.30-9am weekdays)
All Aust News 5hrs (weekdays 11am-noon)

It appears Paul Murray is back next week, so FSN goes back to 11.5 hrs daily. Still too much, should be an hour on and an hour off, not 4 hour blocks. Could utilise Sky News Weather more, say a 30 min block every 3-4 hours.


I don’t think anyone would disagree the mix is wrong, even Sky News management would concede that. It’s certainly not what anyone would consider ideal.

But the reality is SNOW can’t show any content from Seven or Nine and no one is going to put at risk the main channel product on Foxtrl to satisfy scheduling on a secondary channel.

By the way it’s Sky News Weather not Fox Weather.


Thanks, I was going to go with the Weather Channel. Yes, it’s been that long since I had Foxtel!!!